Why dream of cooking porridge with milk. Dream Interpretation - Buckwheat porridge. Why do you dream about semolina porridge?

Interpretation according to Miller's dream book

Eating semolina in a dream means all the dreamer’s cherished dreams and plans will soon come true.

Did you dream of eating milk porridge? The vision gives a signal: the sleeper is overtired. He would like to entrust some of his worries to someone.

Dressing this dish with oil in a dream means going “to bow” to an influential person to ask for help in difficult, confusing circumstances.

Behind a plate, with a spoon

Fight against drunkenness, you will be guided by this principle when going to a party without wine or stronger drinks, after eating oatmeal with butter and jam in a dream. This foreshadows lunch, dinner with friends, but without alcohol, which, however, will not spoil the general atmosphere.

Usually says that your plans for the future lack clarity and certainty. Perhaps you are not being firm enough or have not thought through your affairs well.

Jewish dream book

Solomon's Dream Book

Porridge for healthy people

- disease;
the patient
- a quick recovery.

Women's dream book

If the porridge is burnt

- this dream foreshadows major troubles in the family or among relatives, which can only be solved with the help of a large sum of money.

If you dreamed that you were eating porridge

“You will be pleasantly surprised by your wife’s actions.” For a woman, such a dream foreshadows the fulfillment of desires.

Season the porridge with butter or milk

- means that you will have to flatter your boss or influential person in order to get out of a difficult situation.

Eastern women's dream book

A young woman has a dream where she cooks porridge, which burns or runs away

- warns: her relationship with her mother-in-law will be very tense.

The newest dream book of G. Ivanov

Cook porridge

- trying to please someone, flattering;
eating porridge
- at a crucial moment you will not be able to correctly express your thoughts, which will cause you to suffer.

Complete dream book of the New Era


- You need to pay attention to your inner child.

Dream interpretation of birthday people in May, June, July, August

To dream about how you cook porridge for a child

- to the child’s illness.

Dream interpretation of birthday people of September, October, December

Cook buckwheat porridge in a dream

- to minor troubles.

Dream interpretation of birthday people of January, February, March, April


- at the most crucial moment you will mumble like there is porridge in your mouth, and you will ruin everything for yourself.

Dream Interpretation from A to Z

If in a dream you are cooking porridge

- Prosperity awaits you in reality.
There is a mess
- the hassle of getting things right if they are going well for you, but with the frustration of things if they are going brilliantly for you.

Hot, piping hot porridge

- portends the strengthening of your position, provided that you do not deviate from the line that you have outlined for yourself, no matter how much you are forced to do so.
Cooled or burnt porridge
means a desire to improve relationships with partners, which will not bring a positive result.

Oatmeal in a dream

- portends wealth sent down by fate, which has had mercy after such a long time.


- petty grievances that will quickly be forgotten.
Rice porridge
- portends an unexpected phone call that will rip you off your feet, forcing you to drop everything you’re doing.

Barley porridge

- to tears and worries because of unhappy love.
Millet porridge
- portends warm, cordial relationships in the family and between lovers.


- friends will rush to help in trouble.

A dream in which you watched someone eat porridge

- warns: one of your friends will have big troubles at home, and you will have to take an active part in them.

Dream Interpretation of Denise Lynn


- warm and soothing food. It evokes memories of childhood and children's fairy tales. It's time to tune in to the wave of the child living inside you and give him complete freedom of action.

Dream book of the 21st century

Cook porridge in a dream

- to well-being,
eating it
is a good sign: the plans that you have outlined will be fulfilled, but only if you are consistent in your decisions and do not give up; eating
is a sign of gossip.

Lunar dream book

Dream Interpretation Interpretation of Dreams

The poor man has porridge

- portends an improvement in fortune,
and for the rich
- a disorder of the estate.

Dream Book of the Wanderer

Maly Velesov Dream Interpretation

If you had a bad dream:

Don't be upset - it's just a dream. Thanks to him for the warning.

When you wake up, look out the window. Say out the open window: “Where night goes, sleep comes.” All the good things stay, all the bad things go.”

Open the tap and dream about flowing running water.

Wash your face three times with the words “Where water flows, sleep goes.”

Throw a pinch of salt into a glass of water and say: “As this salt melts, my sleep will go away and will not bring harm.”

Turn your bed linen inside out.

Don't tell anyone about your bad dream before lunch.

Write it down on paper and burn this sheet.

The article on the topic: “dream interpretation of eating porridge” provides up-to-date information on this issue for 2021.

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Be on your guard

Why do you dream that you are eating buckwheat? There will be grievances over trifles. However, they will soon be forgotten, leaving no trace of themselves. But buckwheat also warns of insect invasion.

Dream books also indicate: eating porridge means that at the right moment you will get excited and will not be able to clearly express your thoughts (as if with porridge in your mouth). It will harm you.

However, such food in a dream warns of something unpleasant. For example, seeing buckwheat or pearl barley means difficulties. Manna - in reality, enemies will spread gossip and intrigue against you.

Did you dream that you were offered this dish? The dream book warns: they want to confuse you and deceive you. Perhaps, due to the fault of some person, trouble will fall on you. Refuse to participate in a dubious enterprise.

What happened to the porridge in the dream?

If the porridge burns in a dream▼

If you dreamed that the porridge burned, expect disappointments and personal troubles. This may be a symbolic reflection of your feelings about a relationship that has long since outlived its usefulness, but the force of habit forces you to hold on to each other. In this case, it is better to treat them like a burnt dish - get rid of them and forget.

Even the most capricious little ones, who have hated semolina and other cereals since childhood, do not deny themselves a variety of side dishes, including cereal dishes. Why do you dream about porridge? Does the variety and type of cereal from which it is cooked matter for the interpretation of a dream? The dream book, which contains all the predictions of experienced soothsayers over hundreds of years, will help answer all these questions.

Family and friends are your strong back

Try millet - the dreamer will develop a sincere, warm relationship with a loved one or in the family circle.

To dream that you are eating milk porridge for breakfast is a reminder of loved ones. You now need their support to deal with the problems that have arisen.

Have you eaten rice? Someone will call you and force you to drop everything you're doing to help him. Also, rice porridge in a dream, especially liquid, promises anxiety and confusion.

Why do you dream of heating and eating porridge? The dream book states: the dreamer's family will enjoy security and prosperity.

In the kitchen, at the stove

If you cook in a dream, then rest assured, such a plot prophesies peace, respect and prosperity for your family. Didn't you notice and the food got burnt in your dream? There will be quarrels and hostile relationships with relatives.

In Miller's dream book there is an interpretation of the dreamed plot that buckwheat porridge “escapes” from the pan, but when it gets on the stove it does not burn. This portends a rich harvest for farmers, and decent profits for representatives of other professions.

When you dreamed of pampering yourself with risotto with vegetables, but you have been standing at the stove for an hour, and the rice is still hard and raw, you should know that your plans are still far from perfect. Stop, think again, taking into account every little detail, the dream book recommends. Make mistakes in a hurry!

What does a night vision mean in which you teach someone porridge? You will have to devote yourself to caring for and caring for a person in need (elderly, infirm, child). Don’t be upset or worry about your “career being ruined.” In reality, everything will turn out completely differently; you will receive much more than you can give.

Something is depressing you, not giving you peace, that’s why, according to the dream book, you dream of buckwheat porridge with milk that has turned sour. To stop tossing, disappointment and improve your mood, first calmly think about what could be upsetting you so much? Probably the reason lies in your recent actions and statements.

Rejoice if you dreamed of a huge vat of porridge! This is an omen of wealth and financial well-being. If the grains of rice turn out to be round, then money will rain on you in the very near future, but if they are oblong, then the budget will be replenished a little later, the dream book promises.

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