Why do you dream about violet flowers? Dream Interpretation Violet, why do you dream about Violet? Why do you dream about Violet, dream analysis

There are indoor flowers in every home; they serve as interior decoration and enrich the room with oxygen. But violets are not only indoors, they also grow outdoors, and sometimes appear to us in our dreams.
So why do you dream of a violet? As the dream book says, violets in a dream have the following meanings:
  • Meeting an influential person.
  • Quick marriage (for girls).
  • Success, including in love.

Pay attention to your actions with the flower - each of the details can affect the final result of the dream.

Violets: Freud's dream book

What do these tremulous plants prophesy according to Freud? According to the dream book, violets have different meanings for men and women.

dreamed of violets

  • These delicate flowers warn the fair sex of the danger looming over life. The lady needs to take care of her safety and refrain from risky actions.
  • For men, violets promise problems in relationships with their other half. The dreamer should be more often interested in the affairs of his beloved and pay more attention to her.


Did you dream about a blue violet? Show increased modesty and do not rush things. The white beauty symbolizes purity of thoughts and sincerity.

The dream book reminds: a purple violet promises amorous relationships and associated experiences, a white one predicts loneliness.

blue flower

If in a dream you were able to smell a subtle violet aroma, then some joyful event will happen precisely at the moment of flowering of this flower.

Longo's prediction

According to Longo's reference book, what do violets mean in dreams? Picked flowers warn of choosing the wrong path. A person will not achieve what he wants if he continues to follow this path.

violets in the dream book

A thrown away violet bouquet is a sign of rejection. The dreamer can deny obvious facts and ignore someone else's point of view. Giving a bouquet of flowers to a friend means sorting things out with him. Violet seedlings symbolize arrogance. A person fails to find a common language with others due to disgusting behavior.

Blooming bouquet

Why dream of a violet blooming if a person sees a whole bouquet?

picking violets in a dream

  • Looking at a bouquet means getting hold of a significant amount. It is possible that the sleeper will receive a promotion at work.
  • Accepting a bouquet as a gift means finding a like-minded person. A person will no longer have to achieve what he wants alone.
  • Rejecting flowers means unexpected obstacles on the way.
  • Finding a bouquet on your doorstep means a generous sponsor will appear. Support will help the sleeper to conquer incredible heights.

Have the violets bloomed in your dream yet? Such dreams predict good news. The news received will create a good mood for the sleeper. He will experience moments of joy and happiness.

The Dream Guide by David Loff

The violet symbolizes shyness as it grows in the shade of taller plants. In the language of flowers, the white violet symbolizes innocence; there is a belief that it grows on the graves of virgins; blue violet means love. In a sonnet dedicated to the color blue, J. Keate calls this flower the “queen of secrecy.” In Christian art, it symbolizes humility - St. Bernard calls the Virgin Mary “the violet of humility.”

You dreamed of unblown violets - this is a harbinger of good news that will improve your mood. If you were given a bouquet of violets, then this is a favorable sign that promises the intervention of a sincere, good person in your life.

Watering violets and seeing dew on them is a sign of falling in love. Seeing violets blooming in pots is a good and kind dream, promising peace and tranquility in the family. If in your dream you admire violets or collect them, then this dream foretells you a happy occasion that will bring you together with a very interesting and extraordinary person. And dried or withered violets in a dream predict rejected love.

If the flowers have withered

Why do you dream about withered violets?

violets in a pot

  • Nobody waters the plant and it withers? The sleeper suffers from a lack of attention to his person. He needs to find people who will understand him and support him.
  • A single wilted plant is a sign of loss of hope. It is possible that the love of the sleeping person will be rejected.
  • A woman holding a wilted bouquet in her hands? The object of adoration will grow cold towards her. For men, such a dream predicts envy of a friend.

Indoor flowers

What does an indoor flower symbolize? Such dreams carry symbolism of detachment. A person does not care about what happens around him. He is self-absorbed, thinking only about his interests and needs.

violets in a dream

Why do you dream about violets blooming in pots? This can mean mutual love between people of the opposite sex. It is also likely that a responsible and honest comrade will appear who will be by your side for many years.

Taking violets for seedlings - what does this mean? A person's life path is paved with good intentions. He will be rewarded for his virtue. If there are a lot of plants, then this indicates a habit of blurting out their secrets. The sleeper must learn to keep his mouth shut, otherwise he will not achieve his goal.

In a pot

Why do you dream of violets in pots? A person is not used to trusting people, and first of all he himself suffers because of this. Perhaps he should become more open, stop seeing betrayal and betrayal in everything.

beautiful violets in a dream

Admiring flowers in pots is a sign of incontinence. The good nature and openness of the sleeper attracts others. However, he must remember that not all people are worthy of sharing their secrets with them.

Receiving potted flowers as a gift is a good omen. Soon the person will receive valuable advice. Someone else's experience will be useful to him when he finds himself in a difficult situation.

Why do you dream of violets?

In pots

Why do you dream of a violet in a pot? This is usually interpreted as a good sign.

A pampered indoor flower growing on a windowsill at home is dreamed of if:

  • a trusting, open person. After such a dream in reality, you need to be careful when communicating with unscrupulous people;
  • people are in harmonious family relationships. Trust between spouses, as a result of many years of work to strengthen spiritual closeness in the family, is reflected in the symbol - a potted violet.

ADVICE! Having woken up after such a dream, you do not need to let go of the situation in the house, and often remind your loved ones of your love and trust for them.


A violet, lushly covered with flowers, is a wonderful symbol of trusting relationships in a family. For lonely people, a blooming violet in a pot that appears in a dream foreshadows a meeting with a future life partner.

Also, if you dreamed of violets blooming in a pot, this may mean meeting an interesting person who will later become a good friend.

Blooming white

Blooming white violets can foreshadow different scenarios - it all depends on what details of the dream attracted the dreamer’s attention.

Photo 1
White violet bud.

I dream of white flowers:

  • to sadness (according to Miller’s dream book);
  • for men - before a rendezvous with an attractive stranger ;
  • for weddings or other happy celebrations.

Interpreters associate the symbol “white flowers”, which appears in dreams, with the emotions of a sleeping person. In reality, he experiences tender feelings for someone, namely, deep affection and love.

In a wreath

Violet is a sensual flower and dreams about it often affect intimate aspects of our lives.

A person weaving a violet wreath in a dream will in reality have a successful resolution of affairs, including personal ones.

, decorating her head with reverent representatives of the flora in a dream means attention from the stronger sex, and for a woman, an exciting relationship, a secret connection.

Pluck or cut them off

A plucked or cut flower foreshadows a conversation with a taciturn person who will reveal some important information in the conversation. Such frankness from a secretive person will affect the future fate of the dreamer.

Water and see dew on them

Drops of water on the viola, dewdrops on the delicate petals tell the sleeper that love will soon happen in his life, but secretly . Romantic experiences will completely capture the dreamer, evoking strong feelings.

Photo 1
Drops of dew on a violet.

As a gift

If a person was given a bouquet of delicate violas in a dream, this is a positive symbol:

  • , a kind, sincere friend will enter the dreamer’s life ;
  • a lady giving flowers to a man can in reality prepare for an adventure that will be bright and bring considerable benefits to the woman;
  • a man who sees how he gives viols to a lady will soon plunge into a whirlwind of love experiences .

CAREFULLY! There is another interpretation of a dream in which a stranger gives a basket filled with violets. In reality, you need to be on your guard and avoid contact with people who are trying to gain your trust.

According to Rommel's dream book

Woman, girl

Why do women and unmarried girls dream of indoor violets in pots? Such a dream symbolizes the sincere love experienced by her admirer for the dreamer.

In reality, you should look around and be ready for recognition from someone from your inner circle. For a girl, such a dream plot promises a husband.

Dried, faded

Withered flowers do not bode well for a girl in love : the chosen one will grow cold towards her. The lack of warm feelings in the sleeper’s life results in dreams of dying flowers.

In another case, dried flowers in a dream indicate that the dreamer in reality will be very jealous of someone who is experiencing interesting adventures in life .

Collect Saintpaulias

Adventure awaits the one who collected violets in a dream. The dream is colored positively and says that its participant will successfully overcome the difficulties that have arisen.

A whirlwind of rapidly successive events will swirl in reality the one who was collecting viols in a dream. The events will be dizzying, but will end happily and even successfully for the participant in the dream.

Photo 1
A violet field in a dream promises adventure.

According to Pastor Loff's dream book

Unopened buds

Dense buds of flowers that are still closed foreshadow favorable news that will cheer up the author of the dream.

Flowering in pots

Seeing violets blooming in a pot in a dream means calm in relationships, harmony and peace are expected in the family.

Other interpretations

Non-blooming Saintpaulias

Esotericists associate the vision of a delicate plant in a flower pot, requiring care and attention, with the need for rest for the person who saw this dream. A decline in energy and the need to revise your daily routine can cause such dreams.

Photo 1
Seeing a non-blooming violet in a dream means you need rest in reality.

IMPORTANT! Taking care of a plant that has not yet bloomed in a dream speaks of the dreamer’s need to take care of his own experiences, detachment from what is happening around him.

If a person took viola leaves to propagate it at home , then in reality he is able to take care of the weak and take responsibility. Such people are filled with strength and good intentions and provide help to those in need.

Buying in pots

Buying a houseplant with lovely flowers is an excellent sign. In reality, you will meet a worthy person who will become a friend and ally for many years.

Another interpretation of the dream is the emergence of mutual love between two people.

White in a pot

A snow-white beauty blooming in a flower pot symbolizes the innocence of body and soul, purity of thoughts.

Photo 1
White violets are a symbol of purity and innocence.

There is a belief that such flowers bloomed on the grave mounds of girls who died virgins. If you dreamed of violets in a white pot, then this is a positive sign, indicating the purity of your thoughts and the beauty of your soul.

Various actions

Much depends on the actions of the sleeper.

  • Why do you dream of violets if a person smells them? Inhaling the floral aroma means experiencing an amazing adventure. There is a danger that the sleeper will not want to return to normal life after this.
  • Weaving a wreath is good. The sleeper has a task that he has been putting off for a long time, because it seems too difficult to him. The time has come to take it on.
  • Trampling flowers means changes on the personal front. Parting with your lover can be either a fatal mistake or the right thing to do.
  • Picking violets means arranging your personal life. A person will find the desired family happiness.
  • Decorating yourself with flowers is a sign of modesty. The sleeper is too shy to be proud of his successes. His merits are appropriated by other people, and they receive the reward that is due to him.
  • Watering plants means a secret connection. A person will hide his love affairs, and this will add spice to the experience. It may also mean an upcoming fight for your love. Fortunately, the sleeper will emerge victorious.

Delicate flower

Dream Interpretations believe that when a girl dreams of a violet, this is a very good sign

. This means that in the near future she will meet a fairly influential person who will play a significant role in her destiny. Perhaps he will even become her husband later. This is also indicated by a dream where the dreamer wove violet buds into.

If you were destined to dream about how these flowers were presented to you as a gift, take this image as a warning about a possible quarrel with a loved one. Try to control your emotions and be more lenient towards your loved one’s bad mood. Pots of violets symbolize the excessive gullibility of the sleeper, but in general they promise prosperity and well-being.

  • Have you collected violets in a dream? This image predicts success in all areas of life, and selling flowers promises good luck and reciprocity in love.
  • If you happen to have violets, it means that you have reconsidered your life positions, re-set your priorities and are ready to begin a new stage in your life. This will bring you positive changes, many problems will be solved, things will go uphill.
  • Those who happen to water violets in their dreams will have to fight for their love, and you will emerge victorious from this struggle.

It is also interesting to know why you dream about the violets you picked. Perhaps this image personifies your arrogance - so to speak, “star fever”. If you find prerequisites for this in your behavior, try to change it. Otherwise, you risk being left without friends who are still nearby and are always ready to help.

If you are presented with violets in a dream, perhaps someone close to you will try to point out your mistakes in behavior. Pay attention to how you reacted to such a gift. Didn't want to take it? This means that this person’s opinion is not important to you, and you will not listen to him. If you accepted the bouquet with pleasure, then friendly advice will be very helpful, and you will change for the better.

In your dreams, have you planted a whole garden of violets? This means that you are an open, sociable and at the same time trusting person. Such qualities attract people; you have many friends and acquaintances, but many take advantage of your kindness and dependability. As the dream book says, violet in this interpretation advises looking at communication with others from a different angle and weeding out those who use you for their own selfish purposes.

Hasse Guide

What do blue violets symbolize in a dream, why do you dream about them? This image is a sign of modesty. White flowers mean sincerity. The sleeper is honest with others, and they reciprocate.

woman dreams of violets

Picking plants means a love idyll, the beginning of a new relationship. Receiving violets as a gift means starting a family. The sleeper will hear a marriage proposal or make one himself. Decorating yourself with flowers is a sign of defiant behavior. A person should remember modesty; his actions irritate others.

What they were doing?

The dream book advises taking into account the meaning of other dream actions when interpreting.

  • Tearing is happiness in love.
  • Receiving as a gift means a quick marriage.
  • Decorate yourself - show modesty.
  • Sniffing is an interesting adventure.
  • Weaving a wreath is a success.
  • Trample - break the connection.

Did you dream about how you watered violets? You will definitely fall in love in the near future, but the romance will most likely be secret, which will only add spice to the experience.

flower jam

Did you happen to cook or eat violet jam in a dream? A non-trivial act will bring unusual consequences.

Esoteric dream book

Fresh violets dream of love doubts. A person will have a complicated relationship. He won't be able to get out of this trap for a long time.

A basket of violets is a good omen. The beloved is sincere with the sleeping person; there is no need to doubt the purity of his thoughts. Withered flowers promise a gentle, calm feeling. A person should not count on a dizzying love adventure, but what awaits him is a stable relationship that will give him confidence in the future.

Receiving violets as a gift is a response to courtship. The sleeping person has a admirer who is worthy of his attention.

Interpretation of Fedorovskaya

Why do you dream of a violet blooming according to Fedorovskaya’s reference book?

  • Selling flowers - what does it mean? For a woman, such a plot predicts a date with a flighty handsome man. A man is waiting for a meeting with a girl of easy virtue.
  • Buying plants means falling under someone else's influence. Someone started a game in which the dreamer is assigned the role of a pawn.
  • Throwing away violets means avoiding participation in a dubious adventure. However, the person will later regret the caution shown.
  • Giving a gentle flower to a man means an adventure. A person will not only have a great time, but will also benefit greatly. Presenting a violet to a lady means a love game. Flirting can turn into something more.

Give flowers

What is the purpose of giving a violet to a friend? A loved one will show his bad side. The sleeper will not be able to stay away; he will try to influence him.

Does a friend accept a flower? The dreamer's attempts to influence him will bear fruit. A friend refuses a bouquet for a long time, but still agrees to take it? The sleeper will achieve his goal, but he will have to defend his position for a long time.

A friend snatches a violet and throws it on the ground? A person should give up trying to influence others. They will still do it their way.

Interpretation according to Longo

The definition of sleep is based on an esoteric basis and aspects of psychology. Dream meanings according to Longo’s dream book:

Giving flowers to another person

  • picking flowers - indicates the high self-esteem of the sleeper, because of which he has problems in communication;
  • the dreamer is presented with a bouquet of beautiful flowers - to the condemnation of behavior by people from the immediate environment;
  • accept as a gift with gratitude - the sleeper in reality will listen to the advice of friends and relatives;
  • refuse a bouquet - attempts to return the dreamer to the true path will not be successful;
  • handing flowers to another person means a showdown with one of your close friends or relatives;
  • flowers were torn out of hands and thrown on the ground - to a quick quarrel with your best friend;

Breeding violets means the dreamer is an open and sociable person.

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