Why do you dream about blueberry jam? Dream Interpretation: Why do you dream about jam?

Blueberries in a dream are a very difficult image to interpret. In some cases, it portends illness, gossip and a meeting with dishonest people. Sometimes it symbolizes peace and love. To find out what blueberries mean in your dream in your particular case, you need to take into account many details that at first glance may not seem so important. The interpretation will depend on what month you were born in and what the berries looked like and how many there were.

Pick blueberries

A harbinger of deteriorating health or business problems. Picking berries in a wide clearing is actually a careless act, the consequences of which you will have to deal with for a long time.

Anyone who went picking berries in a dream at night needs to pay close attention to their health. As you know, blueberries are very good for vision. Therefore, you should consult an ophthalmologist.

Eat, collect, buy

Picking blueberries in a dream foreshadows deterioration of vision or troubles in business. Tasting the collected berries speaks of unfinished business that does not allow a person to sleep peacefully. Picking berries in a large clearing means committing a rash act in reality, the consequences of which will haunt the dreamer for a long time.

Selling blueberries in a dream foreshadows quarrels and disagreements with loved ones. In this case, the dreamer himself will be the culprit of the conflicts.

Eating blueberries in a dream means success in business, a drastic change in life. For a young girl, a dream predicts an early pregnancy. For married people, the dream predicts making a profit and improving the financial sphere. If the berry in a dream had an unusual taste, then in reality this foreshadows the receipt of a pleasant offer.

Buying blueberries in a dream predicts an extraordinary adventure or a pleasant trip with friends. Buying blueberries at the market indicates a profitable large purchase.

Eat blueberries

Eating a berry means success in business and unexpected life changes. For a sleeping girl, a dream can predict an unexpected pregnancy. For family people, it foretells a large influx of money and an improvement in their financial situation. If the berry had a strange taste, then in reality you will receive a tempting offer.

The warning will be that night vision where you cooked sweet blueberry jam. After such a dream, you should exercise caution literally everywhere, and pay special attention to the business sphere. Otherwise, you risk getting into an unexpected situation.

A bad omen is a dream in which blueberries are smeared all over your clothes. Such a dream foreshadows the person who saw it, an early meeting with people unpleasant to him. Maybe they will show up at your home. You won't be able to get rid of uninvited guests quickly.

Another interpretation has a dream in which you are selling blueberries at the market. After this, you will get rid of unceremonious visitors in one fell swoop.

If a girl has been trying to get pregnant for a long time and unsuccessfully, and then she dreams of eating blueberries, this predicts a long-awaited successful conception. A similar dream for a family dreamer foreshadows an increase in material well-being.

Career advancement is guaranteed if you eat very large berries. If you cook blueberry compote in a dream, it means dramatic changes in life that can lead to new positive emotions.

A night dream where a sleeping person eats a berry in a large friendly company is a wonderful sign that guarantees success in the future.

What kind of blueberries were there in the dream?

What mood prevailed in your dream?

Collecting large fruits means huge problems in reality. If the blueberry harvest in your dream contained unripe berries, then you need to finish your unfinished projects.

Now is the right time for this and you can achieve success. In addition, thoughts about accumulated debts bother you day and night.

If you dreamed of a spoiled or sour berry and you were poisoned by it, this predicts trials for you; a difficult time will come in life.

Another unpleasant prediction is when you dreamed that your lips and face were black from blueberries. The dream foretells great damage to your reputation.

Berry prediction. Why do you dream about blueberries?

A dream in which ripe blueberries were picked indicates that you have a predisposition to diseases of the organs of vision.
It is not necessary that the disease will affect you in the near future, but if you do not listen to the signs you see, the process of progression of the disease may accelerate. Unripe berries indicate the need to finish what you started, because if this is not done, problems will soon appear.

Take care of your health. It is better to prevent a disease than to try to get rid of it later. Take at least preventive measures and do not forget about the need for periodic inspection.

Small berries in a dream are a sign of tears. Grandmothers talk about this, and it’s impossible not to believe them. They have repeatedly been convinced of the veracity of the interpretation from their own experience. Why do you dream about blueberries? Should it be classified with other berries or does it foreshadow something else? Let's figure it out.

Just to see the blueberries

Not every person knows what this berry looks like in nature. It doesn't grow everywhere. But to find out why blueberries are dreamed of is interesting to everyone who has dreamed of them. Famous interpreters agree with the grandmothers. The dream does not bode well. If you see it on the bushes in the forest, expect illnesses. For example, a hole in a tooth, the existence of which was not suspected, will be discovered with severe pain.

People suffering from chronic illnesses need to take care. The berry predicts an exacerbation of the disease. Some interpreters agree with the popular superstition that blueberries darken the soul. Sadness will settle in your heart for a while. Probably the reason lies in past mistakes or unpleasant memories.

Why do you dream of picking blueberries in the forest?

Logic dictates that the berries carefully dropped into tuesks on the roads of the country of Morpheus also do not bode well. If you see such a plot, think about whether you have the right attitude towards events and people. Sometimes excessive severity towards others, coupled with indulgences for oneself, leads to a deformation of one’s worldview.

And from here grow anger, resentment, jealousy and other negativity. This is what blueberries mean in dreams. She predicts that you yourself are attracting darkness into life, which threatens to plunge the soul into the darkness of unhappiness and worries. Is it worth doing this to yourself, your loved one? This is a matter for the enemy, isn't it? And there is no point in blaming others. If you dream of blueberries, it means that the light is leaving the soul. Bring him back before it’s too late, look at events from a different angle.

If you dream of a large harvest of black berries, stress awaits. And it depends only on the dreamer what trace he will leave in the heart. The fact is that the reason for the worries will turn out to be far-fetched, and the suffering will be unreasonable.

Buy berries at the market

A city dweller, figuring out what blueberries mean in a dream, often encounters just such a plot. In the astral plane, he visits a bazaar or supermarket and chooses beautiful and tasty-looking berries there. The dream foreshadows a desire for revenge, interpreters say. In fact, this is also a darkening of the soul. Agree, judging others is a matter for higher powers, not for mere mortals.

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Let the offender or enemy wait for the Lord's punishment, why take sin on your soul? It's up to you though. Just know that purchasing black berries means you want to prepare a dish “that is served cold.” If you bought sour berries, beware. By succumbing to the thirst for revenge, you will put yourself in an unenviable and dangerous position. An influential person whom you counted among your supporters will stand up for the enemy. It will be insulting and annoying.

Other stories about blueberries

Seeing jam made from these berries in a dream means an incorrect assessment of the situation. You will blame a person who has done nothing wrong. If the jam turns out to be spoiled or sour, evil will temporarily take possession of your soul. Look at the sun or stars. Are they really trying to take revenge on everyone who doesn’t notice their charm and beauty?

Why spread negativity around when the world is so beautiful? Sometimes, when figuring out why they dream of picking blueberries, people do not pay attention to the degree of its ripeness. And interpreters say that this factor also affects decoding. Picking green berries means tears, ripe ones mean resentment, overripe ones mean the stupidity of someone around you.

Seeing blueberries growing on a tree of a different species means that deception will cause your worries. The dream recommends that lovers take a closer look at the object of passion. This person is not as open as the imagination, clouded by romantic dreams, would like. It is likely that the loved one is ready to sacrifice fidelity for the sake of a momentary whim.

For mothers, a dream about blueberries suggests that their children will soon get sick. You will have to worry about the health of the babies, sitting by the crib on long sleepless nights. Huge berries on a tall tree are a sign of mourning events. It would be better if no one dreamed of them. Do you agree?

Her appearance in a dream symbolizes various troubles and problems. However, they will not be very large. The dream book writes a lot about why various people dream about blueberries, especially when this fragrant berry is not in season.

To understand this dream, pay attention to where exactly she was in the dream and what you did with her.

Dial in the forest

Such a dream symbolizes thankless work and the fact that you will receive less for your work than you planned. This means deception, disappointment in love and a lot of routine work. However, seeing a big basket is a good sign. Here the dream book interprets blueberries as a worthy reward for routine work, good news and happiness in love.

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Seeing a basket collected by other people in a dream means sad news, troubles and great grief. For a girl, such a dream predicts tears and great grief. If in a dream you started picking blueberries and found a large bush with this beautiful berry, expect great misfortune and trouble. Sometimes such a dream means the unexpected and imminent death of a relative or friend, troubles at home, or suffering due to love.

Why do you dream of blueberries on a bush in the forest, and there are a lot of them? The dream book writes that after such a dream you will have troubles and minor matters and expenses. Collecting it from small bushes means wasted labor and disappointment. You will have to make your future and happiness bit by bit.

For guys, this dream predicts a lot of routine work and the fact that their business will progress slowly due to lack of funds or cramped circumstances. For girls, picking blueberries in a dream means great disappointment, troubles from a loved one and bitter tears.

Cake, ice cream and cocktail

If you come across it in any dairy product, soufflé or cream, expect interesting news.

For men, blueberries in a cocktail or soufflé mean meeting a charming brunette. However, the romance with her will not last too long.

Why do you dream of a cake decorated with blueberries? Expect a gift or surprise. Blueberry candies or jam mean a favorable resolution of difficulties and anxieties, getting rid of troubles and troubles. It is very good if you eat them or treat others with them.

Drinking blueberry juice or jelly means illness and depression. Receiving a bucket of blueberries as a gift is a great insult and unpleasant news. However, if it is candied or in cream, the troubles will be minor and not worth much attention.

Blueberry pie means news that will concern several people. Eating it means great joy and a pleasant pastime. Sometimes the dream book predicts guests who will arrive unexpectedly. Baking cookies or eating a pie yourself means great offense or grief that you will inflict on your loved ones.

The dream book writes that such a dream could mean someone’s illness in the family. It can be very dangerous and protracted. A friend has a blueberry cake or pie - unfortunately and unpleasant news. It looks like she is sharing her grief and troubles with you.

Miller's Dream Book

If you dreamed about blueberries, expect a cold or deterioration in your health. For couples in love, a dream may foretell quarrels.

If you see crushed berries, they will throw a scene of jealousy at you.

If you saw a blueberry bush in a dream, this is an indication of the strength of the dreamer’s relationship with his significant other, a quick reconciliation with his family.

If you dream of overripe berries that the dreamer picks in the forest, it means the time has come to change something in your life.

If you came across a large clearing in a dream, full of blueberries, be sure that the illness will quickly pass.

A tiny blueberry bush with countless fruits found in a dream speaks of the strength of family ties. This image shows that your family is ready to lend you a helping hand and support you in a difficult situation at any time.

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