Why do you dream of shoulder straps with stars?
Worry about the future! A modern combined dream book, explaining why one dreams of sewing shoulder straps, advises the sleeping person
Dream Interpretation invisible man
Why do you dream about being invisible: interpretation according to 100 authors The meaning of a dream about Transformation into
Interpretation of dreams in Islam: Gold in a dream January 13, 2021 Gold – Seeing
see your reflection in the mirror
Reflections in the pupil and “magic” glasses
Changes or an important choice are possible. Did you dream of your reflection looking the same as in reality? Dream Interpretation
Why do you dream of jewelry on your neck?
Why do you dream about a thick neck?
Why do you dream about a person’s neck? Thick neck - to unexpected wealth or good luck, which
meeting the guy's parents
Meeting parents, interpretation of the dream book
How to make a prediction? Did you meet the girl’s parents in a dream? Remember all the nuances of
Why do Long people dream in a dream?
Dream Interpretation of a Housewife A dream in which you dream of a person’s height symbolizes the person’s social status: that
If you failed in a dream
Why do you dream about the earth falling through?
A dream in which you failed somewhere has negative and positive meanings. However, it's not worth it
woman looking in the mirror
Why do you dream about wrinkles under the eyes?
Dreams of men Shereminskaya's dream book explains in detail why a representative of a strong man dreamed of wrinkles in a prominent place
Why do you dream of a bought, gifted, found or gold bracelet on your hand?
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