Dream Interpretation: Why do you dream about Wounding?

Don't interfere in other people's affairs and take care of your health

Why does a girl dream about a wounded man? The dream book emphasizes: she needs to beware of her lover’s infidelity. They may soon separate.

wounded man

Seeing many people in a dream with wounds or injuries means: take care of your own health, since a serious illness is possible.

Dreaming of a wounded person, if it is a stranger, is a warning: you should not interfere in someone’s affairs, as the problem will only get worse.

Why do you dream about being wounded, dream book What does seeing a wound in a dream mean?

Dream Interpretation of the Gypsy Seraphim

Why do you dream about being wounded in a dream?

Interpretation of the dream book: Wounding is a possible warning of deteriorating health; injure someone or yourself; "lick the wounds"

Spring dream book

Why see Wound in a dream?

According to the dream book, Wound means in a dream - Contusion - to bewilderment.

Knife wound. To fierce love.

Summer dream book

Why do you dream about being wounded?

Knife wound - Getting stabbed in a dream means that your friend will put a pig on you.

Wounded - You will meet with someone whom you once greatly offended.

Autumn dream book

Why see a Wound in a dream?

Why dream of a knife wound - To get a knife wound in a dream means to fall deeply in love and suffer.

Wounded - A love date will take place, at which you will receive a refusal of reciprocity.

Adaskin's Dream Book

Dream Interpretation of Wounding is interpreted as follows:

What does it mean to see a Wound in a dream? Wound - For a woman, a bleeding wound is the loss of a husband or lover; for a man - a slander. If someone hurt you in a dream, in reality your affairs will go badly; if you hurt others, your friends will be unfair to you. Bandaging a wound and healing it means great luck.

There are other interpretations of this common dream.

If in a dream you provide medical assistance to a wounded person, trying to heal his wounds, then in reality you will serve goodness and justice, because mercy and love for your neighbor are priceless.

If you dreamed that an old wound on your body was bleeding again, then in reality you will be reminded of old grievances, and you will again experience mental pain and suffering.

A dream in which you saw that one of your loved ones was wounded foreshadows the illness of the latter.

Dream Interpretation of Nostradamus

Why do you dream about being wounded according to the dream book?

The dream of seeing a wound means: Wound - If you dreamed of wounds on your body, then one of your loved ones will become the cause of your moral suffering.

Injuring someone close to you in a dream is a warning; perhaps one of your ill-wishers will try to provoke you into an unseemly act.

If you saw in a dream how you are treating wounds, then you will hear good news.

If you were wounded with a knife or dagger in a dream, then beware of imaginary friends. Their evil tongues can hurt your heart.

If you dreamed of bleeding wounds, then you will experience remorse.

If you saw in a dream how already healed wounds began to bleed, then be afraid of injuries and road accidents.

Dream Interpretation of V. Melnikov

If you dream about being wounded, what does it mean?

To see a Wound in a dream - If you dreamed that you were mortally wounded, then this foreshadows a breakdown in relationships with friends.

If you get hurt in a dream while making something, then serious trouble awaits you.

Getting wounded in a dream during an accident or accident is a threat to the health of your loved ones.

To be wounded by a spear or shot at by an arrow in a dream means that you may become a mistake in the blind machine of justice.

If you dreamed of a wounded leg, this means a long journey.

Putting a plaster on a wound in a dream means you will help those in need of money.

Applying a tourniquet in a dream to stop bleeding from a wound means you will be punished for a serious offense.

Big dream book

Seeing a Wound in a dream:

Wounded - If you dreamed that you were wounded, then an unfavorable turn in your affairs is quite possible.

If you saw someone else wounded in a dream, then you will encounter injustice from your friends.

If you bandaged a wound in a dream, then great luck awaits you ahead.


Favorable meanings

To help him - in difficult circumstances, the sleeper will be able to count on the participation and support of his relatives. A similar plot indicates: the dreamer often shows mercy and love for others.

help an injured person

Covering someone's wound with a plaster means quickly providing help to someone who really needs money.

Bandaging it in a dream is an excellent omen. There is great success ahead in business and personal life.

Miller's Dream Book

Why do you dream about Forehead in a dream?

Seeing a beautiful smooth forehead in a dream promises you a strengthening of your reputation, which will be facilitated by your prudence and desire for justice.

An ugly forehead promises your dissatisfaction with yourself: personal affairs will be in decline for some time.

Running your hand over your child's forehead means that your friends will admire the talent and kindness of your children.

If a young lady kisses her beloved on the forehead in a dream, it means that he will be dissatisfied with her due to the fact that she will reprimand him about his indiscretion.

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