Dream mantis green. Why do you dream about a praying mantis? Predictions of seasonal interpreters

The praying mantis is a large, warlike insect with a complex and obscure personal life that lives in tropical and subtropical climates. It is curious that the mantis does not know how to retreat and is ready to fight even with an opponent who is significantly superior to it. In some countries, praying mantis fights for money are popular.

Owning a large, vicious praying mantis can be quite lucrative, although the insects are highly injured during fights and are rarely able to withstand more than one fight. In a dream, a praying mantis can be a sign of both complete victory and severe defeat. Let's look at what the praying mantis dreams about according to dream books.

Decent reward

The praying mantis gets its name from its strange pose, which resembles a person praying. However, this does not mean that it can only be dreamed of by believers. But the fact that most often such a dream is a warning is certain.

For example, Miller’s dream book claims that the appearance of this creature promises an unusual set of circumstances that will bring serious grief. If you dreamed that you killed a praying mantis, then you will miraculously avoid all problems.

By the way, catching, moreover, catching and putting him in a jar, according to Miller’s dream book, is a worthy reward for his labors.

Nasty insect

I dreamed of a green insect

Agree, it’s hard to find a person who has pleasant feelings for praying mantises. This insect can cause fear and hostility. Interpreters believe that such a dream is definitely a sign of fate that should not be ignored.

Miller's Prediction

Gustav Miller views such a nightmare negatively. He believed that circumstances would clearly not be in favor of the sleeping person. You will be upset and inconvenienced.

Positively kill him in a dream. Then we can assume that all the troubles will resolve themselves and you just need to be a little patient.

If you managed to overcome your disgust and you caught an insect and put it in a jar or box, then you will succeed and receive a reward.

Predictions of seasonal interpreters

Recently, quite often a prediction has been used, which is made based on when the dreamer was born. There are three main dream interpreters who divide the seasons into three seasons.

Spring dream book

The meaning of an insect according to the spring dream book

What a praying mantis can mean in a dream - the dreamer will have to work hard, and he will not receive any gratitude.

A praying mantis seen in a dream can promise unpleasant news. The dreamer should be extremely careful in order to notice any catch.

This interpreter shares a similar vision for men and women:

  • For men, the dream promises huge troubles, however, if you only managed to glance at it, you will receive the long-awaited news;
  • For women, the dream tells that she has caused a great offense to someone, that person is harboring a grudge.

The main thing is that in any case this insect promises trouble and grief.

Summer dream book

Anyone born in late spring and summer can breathe easy. The dream promises long-awaited news. What exactly you learn can be understood from the accompanying dream symbols.

Autumn interpreter

I dreamed of a dark-colored insect

It is interesting that this publication prefers not to consider such a dream in any way. It is only stipulated that the dream is classified as unpleasant. The dreamer should rely on deciphering the accompanying images.

What other dream books say

In addition to all the above sources, there are a number of interpreters who try to consider this symbol. Remember your dream and start making predictions.

Dream Book of the Wanderer

A dark-colored insect is a warning. There are people around you who wish you harm. You should take a close look at all your friends and not blindly trust everything they tell you.

According to this dream book, a praying mantis that a woman dreams of indicates that she will have to keep someone’s secret. This responsibility will be quite painful, but it will be difficult for you to get rid of it.

Even if you caught an insect and neutralized it, you should radically change your behavior in real life.

Family interpreter

When a praying mantis enters your home, expect family quarrels and scandals.

An insect entered the house in a dream

If you just saw him, he did not evoke strong feelings in you, then you can expect long-awaited news. True, they definitely won’t please you, that’s exactly what the dream book says.

A vision in which you were able to deal with the hated bug is viewed positively. The dream means that you will be able to overcome your fear. Get rid of things or people that irritate you.

Gender of the dreamer

The dream book believes that the interpretation of sleep largely depends on the gender of the sleeper. For example, an insect promises trouble for a woman because of someone else’s secret. Seeing a praying mantis in a dream for a young girl means unpleasant news, and a large beetle guarantees a quarrel with her loved ones.

For men, the dream book has prepared its own meanings - their praying mantis warns of problems in business and at work. It is not difficult to determine why in this case one dreams of killing an insect - with perseverance and perseverance, the dreamer will be able to cope with any difficulties.

Interpretations of authorities

  • The women's dream book warns that you may inadvertently find yourself the keeper of someone else's and quite dangerous secret. Try to keep it for your own safety, even if the secret seems completely innocent and insignificant to you.
  • Meneghetti's dream book predicts a major quarrel in the family.
  • Miller's dream book sees in the appearance of a praying mantis in a dream a situation difficult to resolve in reality, a danger. But Miller views the insect in the jar as a benefit from investments, dividends, and unexpected profits.
  • The Wanderer's Dream Book considers a green insect as an ordinary warning about the cruelty of the world. Perhaps they will try to attack you, sometimes even those closest to you. You will be amazed at the unfounded and incomprehensible cruelty and sincerity of the attacks. A dark insect is a warning about possible dangers. There is a great danger of becoming morally dependent on a stranger with the obligation to keep other people's secrets.

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How to get rid of influence

The dream book has a very unusual interpretation of a dream in which a monstrous creature appeared. You may dream of such a vision as a symbol of the fact that you are working too hard at work or have even become physically (psychologically) dependent on another person. And this interpretation is true for absolutely everyone.

In this case, it is completely clear why you dream that you managed to escape from a big and terrible monster. You have enough strength to get rid of other people's influence.

Basic values

  • The main meaning of a praying mantis in a dream is victory in the battle for the best place in the sun and the most delicious food.
  • If you did not immediately spot the insect among the vegetation, and are now amazed at the camouflage talents of the predator, it makes sense to take a closer look at your own business. It sounds like you are not taking advantage of all the opportunities for success.
  • If the insect is large, warlike and of unusual color, great success awaits you. Two insects - success is fortune-telling, since two will definitely fight, only one will survive. A lonely dead fighter means prolongation of a painful situation, slowness in resolving issues that are important to you.
  • Lots of medium-sized green mantises - a new job or a new company in which you have yet to prove yourself. You have a lot of work to do, fighting over every insignificant detail.
  • Catching an insect means a pleasant acquaintance with an active and successful person.
  • If you have been bitten or are trying to impale you on the spikes located on your front paws, you are full of envious people who are ready to harm even at the risk of themselves. Take gossipers and bullies seriously, although the temptation to simply laugh at the stupidity of the tricks is strong. If you don’t do anything to counter the militant stupidity, they will win, the boss will throw up his hands, fire you and sentence you to something unintelligible.
  • If you're seeing a belligerent praying mantis outside your home, you're in luck. This means that at least at home you can hide from battles. But if an insect is located in your apartment or house, expect scandals in the family or overly cheerful guests who are ready to point out your mistakes and teach everyone the right way to live.
  • Seeing an insect in bed is a good sign for a woman, since you can count on good sex and a pleasant acquaintance in this area. For a man, such a dream is not very favorable, since a cheerful, aggressive and unpredictable woman in bed, who cares primarily about her own pleasure, can drive an ordinary man to a neurologist. The female praying mantis even bites off the male’s head in such a situation.
  • If an insect is sitting on a branch and looking at you through an obstacle, maybe someone is hiding and waiting for you in ambush. Once upon a time you offended a person in passing, and he is waiting for a convenient opportunity to get even.

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