Why do you dream about being pregnant with a boy?

Many women who dreamed of pregnancy want to know why she dreamed, but it all depends on her physical condition and whether she is pregnant. Unfortunately, non-pregnant women see such dreams as a sign of trouble with their spouse, but if a virgin dreams of an “interesting” situation, then this is a shame. If a woman is really pregnant, then such a dream plot portends her happiness.

According to Freud's dream book

  • A woman's desire and readiness to have children. The simplest interpretation is where dreams simply reflect the thoughts of their mistress.
  • A real pregnancy that is about to occur or already exists, although not yet realized.
  • Personality transformation: reassessment of life priorities, development of new goals, emergence of spiritual qualities and character traits that were not previously inherent in a person. For example, since adolescence, you persistently skipped physical education classes and got used to spending weekends exclusively on the sofa with the TV remote control in your hand, and then suddenly you decided to change your lifestyle and in two or three months accustomed yourself to regular jogging. In this case, a dream about pregnancy may represent the willpower that you have cultivated in yourself during this time.

Childbirth will be easy and quick

Vanga’s dream book, as one of the oracles connecting dreams with the health and inner world of the dreamer, deciphering why a pregnant woman dreams of the birth of a boy, says the following: you don’t have to fear for your health or for the baby - the birth will be successful.

A very good signal is a story in which you gave birth not in a hospital, but at home. This means that in your native land your child will practically not get sick or cry. Keep this in mind when thinking about changing your home after adding to your family.

According to Miller's dream book

  • A dream about pregnancy with a boy is far from uncommon for girls, but you should perceive it without strong emotions. His appearance is a hint of a possible career advancement in the foreseeable future. This may not happen at your current workplace, so do not be afraid of losing your current job - it cannot be ruled out that somewhere they are already making plans to hire an experienced employee like you for a promising position!
  • Pregnancy and the birth of a boy are a good sign for a girl in any case. In general, the interpretation is this: you will solve all your long-standing problems and make peace with loved ones, creating harmony and mutual understanding among yourself. To understand what exactly to expect from such a dream, it is fundamentally important to focus on the emotions received during the dream.
  • If a man sees such a dream, it means that insight awaits him in the professional sphere. It is possible that a grandiose and promising project will come to mind, which should be taken on immediately. The dream indicates to you that you are on the right path and will achieve success in your endeavors in the near future. If you are a creative person, then a sound and creative thought will visit you with even greater success.


If there is a possibility of having a boy, then a woman may feel the urge to buy blue-colored things, look closely at boyish toys and lean on salty foods that she previously did not like, for example, cucumbers, salted fish or caviar.

How to choose a name for a newborn baby

In a dream, she can see not only fish, but also an abundance of blue and blue colors, for example, the sea, a swimming pool, dolphins, a puppy, a tiger cub, a cat, a male kitten, children's cars, toys dressed in blue clothes and dressed up in a boyish manner. A woman who is having a boy is unlikely to dream of dolls or children's toys hinting at the birth of a girl. Often, in a dream or in reality, she steps over a masculine vegetable - cucumber, eggplant, squash, tomato.

Interpretation of sleep in various dream books: Miller, Vanga, Freud and others

A little girl in a dream - what is this for? As you can see, the meaning of this symbol can be quite controversial. Depending on the circumstances of the dream, this can be either a good or bad sign. Moreover, different dream books interpret this popular image differently, opening up wide scope for interpretation. So let's take a look at the most popular dream books of our time and find out why little ones dream

Miller's Dream Book - trouble will happen soon

Psychologist Miller explains the dream in which you saw a little girl as a trouble that will soon await you. Some consolation is the fact that you will somehow manage to cope with this turn of events.

Vanga's dream book - you will have a daughter in reality

The Bulgarian clairvoyant Vanga believed that for a woman to see a nursing baby in a dream is a sign of joyful emotions in connection with the establishment of pregnancy, and the inevitable birth of a girl.

Freud's Dream Book - your family life is imperfect

If a man sees a baby in a dream, this means that he has long been bored with his usual sexual relationships. He wants some variety in sex, but this is not at all connected with pedophilia, but rather, a man wants childish carelessness, spontaneity and frivolity in love encounters with the opposite sex. Such a man does not want to be responsible for all sorts of problems in the sphere of feelings and emotions that inevitably arise in couples in a serious, adult relationship.

Modern dream book - you will make a profit

A laughing girl means unexpectedly receiving a large sum of money. A crying baby dreams of financial losses. A pretty but disheveled girl means that you should put all your current affairs in order in order to achieve success in your work. A plump and cheerful child promises huge profits in business. However, an excessively fat girl dreams of very large financial losses.

If in a dream you hug and kiss your daughter, then there is an opportunity to get out of a difficult situation that you yourself created without serious losses. If you scold your daughter, a rather unpleasant event awaits you, for which you yourself are to blame, for which you will be punished.

Several joyful and cheerful girls in a dream symbolize the cohesion and consistency of your friendly work team. You and your colleagues will have good luck in business. If in a dream you do not want to recognize the twins as your children, you call them foundlings and try to somehow get rid of them - this indicates your intolerable and cruel character, your uncompromisingness, greed and inability to communicate with people, which, ultimately, will lead you to loneliness.

It happens that in a dream you want to adopt a child whom you see in an orphanage. A pretty blue-eyed girl looks at you pleadingly through her tears and even calls you mom. This dream can be interpreted in two ways:

  • Either you are in reality striving to change the life of a person very dear to you;
  • Or an unexpected job change awaits you with a further move to another place of residence.

Big dream book - you are too carefree

Little girl - reluctance to take initiative, independence

The need to make an important decision that burdens you. Girl crying - helplessness

Laughing girl - you like your lightheartedness.

Correct dream book - you will receive good news

Soon you will receive completely unexpected news from people with whom you have not communicated for a long time. The news will be good if the girl in the dream is kind to you, and negative if she cries, is aggressive or is angry with you.

Dream book for lovers - you dream of a daughter

Hold a child in your arms - wish for family expansion. Rock the child, calm him down - give the children the opportunity to leave the house. Talking to your baby - all envious people will lose interest in you, news about the health of your loved ones.

Ancient Egyptian dream book - a joyful surprise

A barrage of good news will fall upon you. You will approach a new stage of development. A beautiful girl is good news, great joy. Holding a child in your arms in a dream means that in life you will stand up for someone’s protection. Someone else's child - you will be amazed by other people's successes.

Numerological dream book of Pythagoras - a small loss

Holding a girl in your arms in a dream means you will experience a small loss or a big surprise; if you talk to her for a long time, you will live comfortably. If a girl cries in your arms, it means separation.

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Dream Interpretation 2012 - realize your plans

In this dream, you are given a sign that you can begin to implement your idea, which has been thought about for a long time. At the same time, the idea is one of those that, when implemented, will become the top of the pyramid of your future prosperity.

Why dream of giving birth to a girl - basic interpretation

The dream book in which you give birth to a girl promises you pleasant events, new meetings and acquaintances. You should take a closer look at all the details of the dream:

· Are you giving birth to a girl?

· Was the child born healthy?

· Who delivered your baby;

How did you feel during and after sleep?

· Who else appeared in your dream.

Having a child is a very important step in life for most women. It is with the birth of a child that many girls associate their integrity as women. If you dream that a girl is born on time, such a dream promises you incredible joy and victory over your fears. Everything in your life will be on time.

If you dream that a girl is born not on time, but with a delay, but this does not affect her health, you will have to wait in making some plans. But your ideas will come true.

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If in a dream you try to determine the due date, and you fail, you will not be able to determine what you want, you will constantly rush around and try to find the best solution to problems.

If in a dream you see another woman giving birth to a girl, and you help in childbirth, in reality someone will also need your help, someone little known to you. You will not be connected by a common past with this person; rather, it will be one of your colleagues, one of your subordinates.

If in a dream you are going to give birth and for a long time you cannot pack your things for the maternity hospital, such a dream foreshadows empty nerves and frustration. You will be immersed in routine and confusion. You will never be able to solve the problems that come your way. Don't forget that you should never shift responsibility for your actions onto other people. It's worth taking it upon yourself.

If in a dream you still don’t find the things you need and go to the maternity hospital

It is important to remember how and how the birth ended. If you see that you suffer for a long time during childbirth but the baby is born healthy, you will have to overcome obstacles for a long time, but it will be worth it

Joy and happiness will illuminate your life.

If in a dream you see how childbirth ends with the birth of a dead child, because of the missing detail you will not be able to finish the job. All stages on the way to its completion will be completed, but in the end you will not get the desired result

The dream book advises that before starting an important project, make sure that you have all the tools to implement it

If an unmarried girl dreams that she gave birth to a girl, such a dream can promise her big troubles. She will be caught in unpious relationships. Its reputation will be damaged and it will be difficult to restore it.

If a girl dreams that she gave birth to a stillborn child and is holding him in her arms, she is running around in her head with an outdated past that haunts her. She herself builds reality on the basis of memories and thereby inhibits her own development. The dream book advises to part with what is so painful for the girl, what caused her such deep mental pain, otherwise further development will become impossible.

A dream in which a girl talks to her unborn daughter promises her help from a close friend. This will not only be practical advice and a word of support in difficult times, it will be exactly the parting words that will radically change a girl’s life in the right direction.

If a pregnant woman dreams of a difficult birth and the painful birth of her daughter, the woman is afraid to give birth, she is afraid of suffering and understands that this is inevitable. It is these fears that can lead to problems during childbirth. A girl should stop thinking about the negative and tune in to a positive mindset.

If you dream that you are giving birth to a daughter by Caesarean section, such a dream portends you looking for easy ways to solve problems. You will increasingly try to avoid responsibility for your own actions, and you will even find excuses for yourself.

If you see your beloved giving birth to a daughter, this promises you a new round in your relationship. You will begin a period of falling in love, courtship and it will end with a new stage in life. The dream book advises to gratefully accept all the gifts of fate and try to be grateful to life for the opportunities provided.

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