Why do you dream of a dead man in the mirror?

In an unclear situation, be vigilant

In order to correctly interpret what a sign means in a dream, dream books often focus on what the dead person’s eyes looked like in a dream:

  • Artificial ones promise misunderstanding;
  • Did you dream about bloody ones? Keep relatives and enemies in sight;
  • Cloudy ones indicate increased anxiety;
  • When the pupils of a dead man glow, a reassessment of values ​​is coming;
  • If in a dream the deceased stares straight ahead, in reality someone is chasing you.

Why do you dream about the eyes of the deceased - interpretation of sleep from dream books

With the help of our eyes we perceive the world around us. Therefore, interpreters attached great importance to dreams in which a person clearly views the so-called “mirror of the soul.” Many people want to know why they dream about their eyes, and our dream book will help with this.

The accuracy of interpretation depends on the smallest details of such dreams, so dreamers need to recall all the circumstances and details. Eye color is the most important characteristic that a person should pay attention to. If you were unable to consider it, then in real life you should not expect answers to your questions in the near future.

Peering intently into someone's eyes in a dream means in reality showing real interest in this person, trying to understand his intentions. In fact, relations with this person may deteriorate in the near future, and mutual understanding will be completely lost. When the eyes of an unfamiliar woman arouse interest in a dream, then in reality one should expect the appearance of a serious rival.

Difficulties at work and troubles with management are promised by a dream where the sleeping person suddenly begins to bleed from the eyes. In this case, the dream book strongly recommends focusing on your well-being and saving your nerves.

What do closed eyes in a dream hint to us? Vanga’s dream book interprets this plot as follows: on the one hand, such a dream promises a person good news and a short love relationship. On the other hand, closed eyelids can indicate the dreamer’s strong attachment to someone. Watching a loved one whose eyes were closed in a dream means the emergence of conflict situations with him in reality. Perhaps the companion has his own secrets and does not want to share with them.

Dreaming of a child's wide open eyes is a harbinger of unexpected news, vivid impressions, and deep life knowledge. If the children’s eyes were blue, then in reality the sleeper will experience a sea of ​​tenderness, affection and love, which he will give in return to his loved ones.

Why do you dream of huge eyes - you can expect prosperity and good luck. According to Miller's dream book, the dreamer will have new smart and talented friends or children in real life.

Paint your eyes

If an unmarried woman dreamed that she was applying makeup and carefully painting her eyelashes, then in reality she would meet an obsessive admirer whose intentions towards her would be serious. It is possible that the persistence of the admirer in reality will lead the dreamer to the altar with him. When a girl sees eye shadow in a dream, then she needs to be more careful in choosing friends, since a deceiver may appear next to her.

Why do you dream when a girl puts shadows on someone’s eyes? In reality, she is preparing to break the law. Another meaning of such a dream is that the dreamer in reality is trying to better understand the intentions of his friends.

Drawing eyelashes and painting eyelashes in a dream is considered by interpreters as a characteristic of the sleeper himself, who tends to constantly hide his thoughts from people, while withdrawing into himself. And the brighter and more provocative the makeup looks, the greater the desire of a person in real life to correspond to some ideal he has invented. Interpreters recommend that people who often observe a similar plot in their dreams get rid of obsessions and remain themselves.

If a girl dreams that she carefully paints her eyelids using eyeliner, then among her circle there is a man who is ready to do any feat because of his love for her. Such stories promise a happy marriage and a quiet family life. If the dreamer begins to sharpen her pencil before putting on makeup, then in reality she needs to be prepared for a pleasant surprise or an interesting journey.

Painting another person's eyes in a dream foreshadows an enchanting event in reality; the sleeper will be captivated by some phenomenon or will receive good news from a friend. For girls whose work involves makeup, such dreams are just a projection reflection of their daily activities.

Damaged eyes

Looking into dull and sore eyes in a dream is a warning. You may have to face troubles in business, various kinds of unrest and deterioration in well-being. After such a dream, you need to exercise maximum vigilance and caution!

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To dream of humiliation and insults, you dream of a black eye. Longo's dream book recommends restraining your anger in reality and not being provoked. Also, such pictures appear in dreams to people who are attracted by forbidden pleasures. In some cases, a black eye symbolizes profit and material wealth.

When a third eye appears in a dream, this means that his intuition has become more active. After such dreams, a person can confidently devote his life to spiritual development and self-improvement. For a woman, three eyes in a dream serve as a sign of imminent pregnancy.

The plot about gouged out eyes is also unpleasant. Such dreams, according to Miller, prophesy the loss of a loved one. When the dreamer himself pokes them out at someone in a dream, then in reality he needs to restrain his temperament, which constantly pushes people away. The dream book recommends that such people behave much more modestly in reality.

Dreams in which a person sees beautiful and kind eyes promise a long and prosperous life. For the dreamer, they are a symbol of sincere and happy love.

Material well-being awaits those who dream of a stye under their eyes. Such dreams guarantee wealth and prosperity.

When you dream of insects in your eyes or worms, you should expect troubles due to unresolved problems. People need to be careful in dealing with enemies so as not to get caught in their net. In addition, a person who had to see such horror in his dream must moderate his ardor in reality and forget about the habit of showing rage.

If a lady dreams that she is looking intently into a man’s eyes, then in reality she really shows interest in this man and her desire to find out about his plans is obvious. When the dreamer peers into the eyes of her loved one in a dream, then in reality she experiences anxiety about his misunderstanding and disagreement with her worldview.

Swelling under the eyes or simply swollen eyelids in a dream means deception on the part of business partners. After such dreams, a person must be extremely careful and not allow violations of the law in his affairs. Otherwise, in reality he will face huge fines and legal sanctions.

A dream about strabismus is a harbinger of good luck and the birth of healthy and gifted children.

When a dreamer observes his eyes in a dream without the presence of pupils in them, then he needs to be more careful in real life and not miss important points. The Dream Interpretation recommends that a person focus on promising projects from which real benefits for society can be derived, and not waste his energy on trifles.

If the sleeper feels a kiss on the eyes, then he needs to be prepared for fun and joy. Life will get better, and all his plans will come true.

A speck that gets into your eye in a dream means trouble because of your children.

For married ladies, seeing yourself blindfolded in a dream means a threat to her marital relationship, the appearance of an insidious rival. For other people, such a plot is interpreted by the dream book as the presence of secrets and incomprehensible situations in their lives.

To experience eye surgery in a dream means to take an objective look at your life from the outside. After such dreams, a person needs to think about new aspects in his life, initially assessing all his existing victories and merits.

A person dreams of losing one eye to fruitless labors and risky undertakings. But staying in a dream without two eyeballs at once means a guaranteed improvement in your financial situation.

The dream book can call a dream in which a person observes wrinkles under his eyes as favorable. In this case, the dreamer will have a long, interesting life, full of exciting events.

Cat's eyes

A person who dreams of a cat's eyes will find a way out of a difficult situation. Finding peace and mental balance awaits the dreamer in the near future. But if in a dream the sleeper feels the gaze of another predator on him, then in real life evil people full of envy and hatred will stand in his way.

Why do you dream of glowing cat eyes in the dark - you need to be careful with your household. The dream book considers such a dream to be a recommendation for maintaining common sense during family conflicts. Interpreters advise after such stories to be as tactful as possible in communicating with your relatives.

The Muslim dream book associates a dreamed gaze as constant surveillance of the dreamer in real life. Moreover, the person is being watched by unfriendly individuals, from whom one should expect only meanness and betrayal. A dream with a one-eyed person has an unpleasant interpretation. Such a dream promises adversity and disaster.

Beware, evil never sleeps

If the deceased in a dream considered it necessary to look with hatred, the Wanderer’s dream book believes that in reality there were otherworldly forces. Someone organized an occult attack on the dreamer. An evil look from the coffin means the collapse of plans.

If the facial expressions of the deceased are truly frightening, it is advisable to take a closer look at the immediate surroundings - it is possible that you will be able to detect an insidious enemy.

The dead man came to life according to the dream book

The dream book explains in detail why you dream that a dead person has come to life.
Often what you see in a dream is connected with the past: nostalgia for days gone by or a reminder of unfinished business. The range of predictions is quite wide, from weather changes to the rediscovery of what had long been considered irretrievably lost. Sometimes in a dream you happen to again find yourself at the funeral of a deceased and buried person. With the difference that in night dreams the funeral ceremony has to be interrupted for the reason that the deceased has come to life. Interpreting why such an emotional symbol is dreamed of, Zhou-Gong’s dream book promises news from the past that will literally make the dreamer happy.

If you dreamed that a dead person came to life right at the funeral, and you were lucky enough to see in a dream how this miracle happened, the Ancient Dream Interpreter promises a change in the weather.

Loff's dream book says that a dead man resurrected in a coffin appears in a dream in order to finally resolve a long-standing hidden conflict between people close to him during his lifetime. What you dreamed about serves as a reminder that the “bad world” cannot last forever; someday the time will come to sort things out.

When you dreamed that a deceased person in a coffin opens his eyes, thanks to some of your manipulations, Tsvetkov’s prediction warns that your life will change dramatically for the better.

The interpretation of Miller's dream book, why one dreams of a dead person coming to life in a coffin, does not sound too optimistic. The dream foreshadows initially unprofitable and unpromising undertakings that will take a lot of time and effort if you do not listen to the prediction.

At the same time, Miller’s dream book does not see anything wrong with dreaming about the resurrection of several dead people at once. What you see in a dream symbolizes the dizzying success of the sleeper. True, provided that the dream did not cause panic, but positive emotions, for example, the joy of an incredible meeting.

Miller's dream book attaches great importance to conversations with the resurrected. Everything said in a dream should be taken literally. The words of the dead are often confirmed in reality. But it is advisable for the dreamer himself to keep his mouth shut and not allow himself to be drawn into a dialogue.

When in a dream you happen to see a person alive again who in reality died, the interpretations attach great importance to his mood. A good mood is considered a favorable sign. Anger or sadness should be regarded as a warning of possible misfortunes.

The calm, peaceful mood of the revived dead person indicates that there is no need to worry about the future, since there is a long period of well-being and prosperity ahead. Finally, you will be able to make large purchases that the sleeper has dreamed of for so long.

An angry dead man foreshadows a serious conflict, the consequences of which will be felt for a long time. A quarrel with a person on whom the financial and social situation directly depends is possible, or the family will be on the verge of divorce.

If you dreamed of a dead person coming to life and crying, it is possible that the dreamer’s nervous system is in an equally deplorable state. In reality, it is difficult to control emotions; you are tormented by fears and irritability for no apparent reason.

The deceased grandmother came and sat with her family for 40 days, then she got up and left loudly laughing.

Hello, I had a dream that my father had returned from the other world, we ended up in my boyfriend’s village, we were hiding the keys. We wanted to go home, I asked my dad if he knew where the keys were, I myself knew where they were, he calmly went and took them, although he didn’t know where we had them (and he also died a long time ago, when I was still she was little), so we went home, I fed him, he was happy, well, so happy, he smiled. What is this for?

Good evening! Today I dreamed of a dead classmate, although in reality he is alive, supposedly at a funeral he gets up from the coffin and asks me for help, while he himself groans in pain. What would that mean?

I dreamed about my mother (deceased) who came up to me with my dad (who was alive) and said: “We’ve been playing you all this time.” It’s terrible, but in my dream I was so glad to see her.

I am 7 months pregnant and all night today I dreamed of 8 dead people, one of them was my grandmother. For some reason I was very afraid of her in my dream. I woke up with an incomprehensible anxiety, and now I’m very scared to fall asleep.

Elena, I won’t write details, I don’t want to scare you! I’ll just say - take care of your baby! And now, and especially when he is born! Good luck to you!

I dreamed that my husband was lying in a coffin, and the lid of the coffin opened and went under him, and in the coffin there was some kind of sweet liquid, and he was covered in this liquid. I pulled the lid of the coffin out from under him and wanted to close it, but it turned out to be small, and suddenly my husband turned on his side, I leaned over him and began to cry with happiness that he was warm and alive.

I dreamed of the funeral of an elderly woman unknown to me, which was attended by me, my mother and grandmother. There were only women at the funeral and everyone was in black mourning attire. I clearly saw the gray hair of the deceased, she was also lying in black... On one side, my mother and grandmother stood, grieving, mourning her, on the other side I stood, and also began to cry a lot.

It’s as if she started talking to the deceased, asking how it happened that she was gone, and then suddenly she opens her eyes, as if she comes to life, and answers that nothing like that happened, she convinces me that everything is fine... My mother and Grandma identified it and began to ask how I revived her, etc.

Hello! I recently buried two brothers and I often began to dream that they were coming to life in a coffin, but I never had any dialogue with them! And today I dreamed of a brother who got up from the coffin and said that you are burying me, I was sleeping in a child’s coffin, but we said no in an adult’s! Now I worry about the word childish, and I have two children!

I want to tell you about my dream this morning. From Monday to Tuesday. As I was seeing my daughter off to kindergarten, I decided to sleep a little more and saw this…….I’m still in shock from it and still have goosebumps. I can’t really understand it myself. In short, it was as if a teacher died at the IATU institute where I studied, I was so upset and cried, when my sister found out she was also upset, and she and I went to the institute to say goodbye to him.

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There were a lot of people there, and as soon as I began to pass by the coffin in which that teacher lay, his mouth suddenly opened, I got scared, and then he began to speak in an inhuman voice, about some kind of obligation to do something. I began to move away, because... I thought that this didn’t concern me, but he turned his head to me and continued to say that I had to do this, but that I still didn’t understand.

I started to move away again, and he stood up and began to crawl towards me, I began to scream. And people looked at all this and were silent in stunned silence. I tried to make out what he was saying and didn’t really understand. And then I told him that I would do it, just calm down and went into the room that was next to the hall and there I began to rub my palms, and in my palms I felt energy and a current seemed to be passing.

She went up to the man who was lying in that room, as if he was sick or something, and began to put her palms on him, and he began to laugh at me and left without allowing me to treat him. And I freaked out and started grumbling, what did they need from me? (P.S. I don’t watch horror stories so I could dream about something like this.)

I have been dreaming about my mother almost every day for 11 years. Dad died no 40 days I dream about it every day. I constantly dream of all my acquaintances and friends, even though they died a long time ago. In general, all are dead. Why?

I came to the cemetery to bury a person, I dig up an old grave, and there lies a girl, she opens her eyes and smiles. My comrade extends his hand to help her get up, she gets up and learns to walk again after that I woke up.

I had a dream. I get out of the car, and people are following me, carrying my grandmother’s coffin, asking for help. I refused and said it smelled very bad. Then I saw another coffin, and there was a boy lying there, and then he opened his eyes and stood up. Tell me what is this for?

Hello. Please tell me why I dream that I seem to be in a church, and in front of me there is a man standing and washing the dead guy with blond hair, but I don’t know this guy. Then this guy comes to life, and I run from him through the church past the icons. He caught up with me, and we were sitting talking, but I don’t remember what. And then the man who wiped him comes and they leave. Please explain why you dreamed about this?

I dreamed of a long-dead friend. I was glad that he was alive, started hugging him, and asked for his phone number. And he drove me away, I burst into tears and left. Then I see him talking to his friend. His friend asked him why he did this, to which he replied that it was too early for me to call him. When the time comes, we will definitely call you. I woke up.

Please tell me what it could portend: a couple of weeks ago I dreamed that I was dead, and my spirit was wandering among loved ones while preparations for the funeral were underway, for some reason they didn’t bury me for three days and my body began to become covered with blue spots, and then three days later I was resurrected. And last night I had a dream in which there was a funeral for my grandmother (deceased, died 11 years ago), so again it was supposedly the third day, people were already coming up and asking why we weren’t burying her, and then she opened her eyes.

I dreamed about my deceased grandmother.

I dreamed of my mother’s funeral, but in real life she was simply sick with cancer and in the dream she was not lying in a coffin with her eyes open.

I dreamed of a living godfather, but at the moment he is dead, in the dream he just came to our house and said - hello.

I dream of a dead comrade - the husband of my mistress, alive as if in reality.

Hello. From Tuesday to Wednesday I had a dream, I wouldn’t say it was creepy, scary, but my soul is somehow not at peace now. So the dream was very long and many different events happened, but I will describe it briefly. At first there are a lot of people, everyone is going somewhere, then it’s as if someone is having a wedding - there are a lot of strangers, the bride and groom are usually dressed in casual clothes, having fun, and at the same time I’m sitting in a small house and see a dead man lying on the bed all white and hair too.

An unfamiliar woman is trying to revive him, the dead man is also an unfamiliar man-grandfather. So he gets up and changes before our eyes, becomes a man of about 40 to 50 years old, the blush on his face looks good, like a living ordinary person and begins to have fun, smile, laugh. Everyone is stunned by what they see. Meanwhile, the bride and groom had a fight and everyone began to disperse. I would like to know what this dream is for! Thank you.

Keep secrets to yourself

If you had to close the eyes of a dead person in your night dreams, the sorceress Medea believes that you are in vain withholding information that is valuable. The modern interpreter, on the contrary, calls for prudent silence.

Medium Hasse promises long-awaited good news. The philosopher Aesop speaks of an expensive acquisition that will not bring joy due to constant worry about its safety.

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