Why do you dream about a dead man washing windows? Wash windows interpretation of dream book

This dream has several meanings. Windows in a dream usually show your curiosity, a desire to learn something important and necessary, as well as to have a great rest or simply expand your vision of some situation. Usually the dream book interprets this procedure, including simply wiping them off from dust or moisture, as a sign that you want to improve your vision or clarify an unclear situation.

Also, books on dream interpretation indicate that you will strive to expand your own horizons. Pay attention to what exactly you saw when looking through the washed window. This is what dreams of washing windows mean most often.


From the subconscious point of view, an opening in the wall represents your connection with the outside world. And trying to clean it of dust and dirt is a symbol of the fact that you are trying to establish communication with people. Perhaps now you do not always find understanding, but you are trying to fix it. Your actions in night vision indicate that you do not want to withdraw into yourself. On the contrary, you enjoy communication and try to establish contacts with as many people as possible.

If the glass was very dirty and you couldn’t wash it, you are actually misperceiving the events that are happening. Your view of them is distorted, which negatively affects all areas of life.

What kind of windows were there?

Before interpreting the dream, the dreamer needs to remember which windows were in the vision.

  • stained with paint or putty - soon a person will have a chance to change his life for the better, but he will not take advantage of it due to his shortsightedness.
  • the glass is heavily splattered with dirt - a favorable symbol that promises good luck and success in any endeavor.
  • clean, but the dreamer still washed them - soon the person will learn an interesting secret that his friend is hiding. However, under no circumstances should this secret be shared with anyone, otherwise everything could end in a serious scandal.
  • in black dirt that hung in lumps - in a few days difficulties will arise in the dreamer’s life, which he can easily solve. But over time, a person’s mental state will worsen.
  • covered with ice - in the near future a brilliant idea will come to the sleeper’s head. If a person makes it a reality, he can radically change his life.
  • in muddy stains - a good symbol that foreshadows a joyful event. It could be an exciting trip or receiving a gift from close friends.
  • without glass is an unfavorable sign that promises problems in relations with relatives. If in reality a person does not find a way to make peace with them, then he will never resume communication with them again.

If the glass in the dream was of an unusual color, then such a dream is interpreted differently.

  • red - the dream symbolizes the anger, negativity and vindictiveness of the sleeper. Dream books advise such people to be a little kinder to others.
  • pink - the dream indicates that a person does not have his own opinion and lives only according to the instructions of strangers.
  • purple - the dream personifies the dreamy image of the dreamer. To prevent the worldview from becoming distorted over time, a person should stop constantly flying in the clouds.
  • green - to a disease that will soon overtake the sleeping person. Whether the disease will be serious or not is unknown. The illness may be associated with mental distress or physical illness.
  • yellow - the dreamer’s soul is constantly tormented by irritation. This quality prevents him from fully enjoying life.
  • blue - the dream symbolizes sadness and loneliness. Perhaps a person does not have close friends to whom he can tell about all his problems.

Important! Washing stained glass windows in a dream means being a beautiful and graceful person in real life. But we should not forget that the world itself is far from ideal.

People's dream book

According to the classic dream book, it is important to take into account not only how clean the glass turned out to be in the end, but also where exactly you washed it. This is what it means to wash windows in a dream, and why such a vision occurs in a dream:

  • in your own home - in reality you have to seriously change yourself and your attitude towards life. You won't be able to succeed if you continue to do the same. Now you don’t know how to get along with people well, so you can’t make useful contacts and gain influential patrons. Find a way to open up to the world and free yourself from what is unpleasant to you;
  • in another person’s house - a new acquaintance awaits. Soon you will meet someone who will make you look differently at the things and events around you. Your new acquaintance will probably be the one who will help you succeed;
  • at the place of duty - a symbol that a promotion is possible. Of course, success will not come by itself. To get a promising position, you have to work hard. But the result will be worth the effort;
  • If you dreamed that you were also cleaning the frame from cobwebs - in fact, someone very close to you will embroil you in a dubious story. It will be very difficult to regain your good name;
  • in a dream, soapy water flows down a double-glazed window - something will happen that will cause you joy and childish delight;
  • use a dry cloth to wipe off any remaining dust - in reality, you have a secret that is very difficult to keep. You would like to share it with others, but this cannot be done;
  • you used a hose with high water pressure - in fact, you were captured by negative emotions. This is due to some person or an unpleasant situation;
  • after washing, wipe the glass with a newspaper - you will do something strange and unexpected in the near future;
  • the dream book determines that seeing glass being washed from the side is a symbol of the fact that you will have to make a choice.

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Where did you wash the windows?

If in a dream a person washed windows:

  • in some apartment - to problems at work. Perhaps management will be extremely dissatisfied with your work.
  • in his apartment - a person will have to change his thinking and life in general. If the sleeper also “goes with the flow,” he will never achieve success. The inability to communicate and get along with people prevents you from making influential connections. It's time to open up to the world and become more determined.
  • in the car - meeting an authoritative person.
  • in your parents’ house - relatives will begin to interfere in your personal life, which can lead to a serious conflict with your significant other.
  • in your grandmother’s apartment - colleagues will try to deceive you or set you up.
  • in dilapidated housing - to move for work to another city or another country.
  • at work - the dream foreshadows a promotion up the career ladder. However, the new position will require additional responsibility and care from the person.
  • in someone else's house - in the near future fate will introduce the sleeping person to an interesting person who in the future will become a faithful friend and helper for him.
  • in the home of familiar people - in real life a person needs to get closer to people from a dream. Such a connection will have a positive impact on the dreamer’s life. Your friends will help you find a job, arrange your personal life and make useful contacts.
  • on the bus - an important meeting is expected with a person who greatly influences the dreamer’s life.
  • in the barracks - perhaps soon the sleeping person will receive praise from his superiors and receive a salary increase. However, success will not come by itself; a person will need to make a lot of effort for this.
  • in a room where there is a dead person - you are tormenting yourself greatly over trifles. You need to stop taking everything to heart and be more confident in your abilities. If a dead person comes to the dreamer while washing windows, do not be alarmed, this is a good sign that foretells a successful completion of the matter.

Freud's Dream Book

The psychoanalyst believed that the window frame personifies a woman and her reproductive system. Therefore, all actions in a dream must be assessed from this position. If you dreamed that you were cleaning a glass unit from dirt, then in reality you are ready to have children. If it was very dirty, then this may warn of possible diseases of an intimate nature.

A closed opening may indicate that sexual intimacy is not easy for you. You are probably experiencing some difficulties or there are complexes that prevent you from simply enjoying the process. If the doors were open, then this indicates accessibility. Opening to wash is a sign that you are seeking a lesbian experience. If you can't handle the valves, you don't really want sex.

Miller's Dream Book

In this interpreter’s view, the cleaning process is a symbol of future problems and difficulties. The dream suggests that you have a chance to avoid trouble, but to do this you will have to be attentive and careful. The dream book determines that washing windows in someone else’s house is a sign that the person who owns the home is of great importance to you. If you dreamed of an unfamiliar room, it means that you will soon meet a new friend. He will support you in a difficult situation and help you deal with troubles. In addition, a new acquaintance will open your eyes to how amazing the world around you can be.

Fears and concerns in a dream

If in a dream you feel a desire to wash a window and at the same time fear that does not allow you to do this, such a vision may indicate weakness. A person has no desire for change, although he is constantly offered new tempting prospects.

Broken window glass - receiving good luck due to a sudden, perhaps frightening turn of events. Falling into a window opening is a sign of misfortune and trouble in real life. Try not to take unnecessary risks in the near future. If the glass breaks and cuts you, this means an imminent illness. But it will not be so much difficult as it will be unpleasant.

Washing windows in most cases means that the dreamer is trying to set up his own future. You can judge by the condition of the windows how well you succeed.

Vanga's Dream Book

The seer's dream book says that washing windows in a house can mean the following:

  • this image itself indicates that you will participate in a fun holiday. Most likely, you will gather guests in your own home and prove yourself to be an excellent host. Sometimes the vision indicates that you are trying to regain your former respect and honor;
  • if the doors were open, this can predict success in all upcoming affairs, regardless of whether they are good or evil. But the fortune teller advised not to behave unreasonably, since God will see bad deeds;
  • in the dream the doors were closed - a sign that one should not count on success. Now is not the best time for new projects, because luck will turn away from you. Those around you will show complete misunderstanding and indifference to your affairs;
  • broken glass is a symbol that you may be an uninvited guest. If you have planned to visit friends or acquaintances, it is better to notify you in advance of your arrival.

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Minor problems, negative emotions

Did you dream of washing windows because they are very dirty? You will achieve success and prosperity through your hard work.

Do you see that they didn’t wash the entire window, but only the dirty areas? The dream book explains: soon you will have to settle minor troubles.

The plot, when the dreamer washes window glass with a hose in a dream, indicates: something or someone is irritating him very much. Soon he will no longer be able to contain his negative emotions.

To see how frames and glass were washed with a hose, according to the dream book, means: it’s time to throw out all the accumulated negativity out.

Loff's Dream Book

The interpreter believed that windows in a dream personify the world that a person sees. They can distort reality and show something that does not exist. You can be deceived consciously or unwittingly. Therefore, the dream book defines the following interpretation of what it means to wash a window . This indicates an attempt to understand what is really going on in your life. This is your perception of reality. Perhaps the glass was very cloudy and you rubbed it hard? Then you are tired of being in the dark and strive to understand the true essence of things.

Who had the dream?

For a woman who dreamed that she was washing windows, such a dream does not bode well. Perhaps in real life the sleeping woman is tired of everyday worries and routine. Most often, such a dream represents a woman’s attempt to make grandiose plans for the future. Whether they will come true or not is unknown. In addition, such a dream may be a warning that the woman will face troubles in the future.

Based on the cleanliness of the windows, a person can draw conclusions about future prospects. If in a dream the dreamer received crystal clear glass as a result of washing, it means that no obstacles will interfere with him on the path to success. If you can’t get rid of the dirt on the glass, then in reality the person will have to deal with unforeseen circumstances.

For older ladies, such a dream is an unfavorable symbol that indicates problems associated with loved ones and relatives. Soon the woman will have to make a difficult decision.

A dream in which a young girl washes windows promises her problems at work. If a girl is getting married and had such a dream on the eve of the wedding, it means that in the future she will move to live in another city. A married lady dreams of washing windows in anticipation of a vacation trip to another country with her husband.

For a man, a dream in which he washes windows will be more significant than for a woman. The fact is that in reality men rarely do household chores. For example, if in a dream a man watches from the sidelines the dirt on the windows, this is a signal of the “dirty” intentions of his enemies.

Washing windows with your own hands and alone is a symbol of struggle. An ideal washing result portends victory in some difficult task. If after washing the glass remains just as dirty, you will have to fight long and hard.

  • for a young man to wash windows - to a lucrative job offer;
  • for a married person - to the appearance of a rival;
  • to the groom - to a happy family life and a long marriage.

Aesop's Dream Book

This interpreter provides interpretations of what an attempt to clean a window opening entails, depending on the condition of the glass unit. If it was very dirty, then you tend to work hard. You do not look for easy ways and are always ready to work for your own goals. Think about whether you were able to get rid of the impurities in the end. If yes, then your path will lead to success.

Dreaming of washing clean glass is a symbol of the fact that you strive to achieve the ideal in everything. Sometimes you go overboard in your desire. It may be worth lowering the bar a little to feel happy. If you dream of washing only a slightly dirty doorway, serious changes will occur in reality. Soon a new stage of life will begin, which will pleasantly surprise you.

Dream Interpretation of Grishina

The interpreter points out that washing a broken frame predicts imminent difficulties. If there was a grill on the window opening, you will have to be separated from a loved one. Cracked glass means that you will cope with all the problems that arise along the way. Don't be afraid - you can do anything.

In a dream, they washed a beautiful window on which bright curtains hung - in reality you will feel calm and peace in your soul. An opening that is too large indicates an acute feeling of insecurity that haunts you. It seems to you that you cannot cope with upcoming events.

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