Seeing your teeth white in a dream

Interpretation of sleep in Miller's dream book

According to the psychologist's theory, anything connected with the jaw in a dream is fraught with an unpleasant encounter with ailments or fussy people. If you dreamed that you were admiring your beautiful snow-white smile, Miller predicts the fulfillment of desires and the joy of communicating with close comrades. Seeing how plaque disappears from your teeth and they become beautiful and snow-white indicates that all failures are temporary, peace and tranquility will soon come. If you notice in a dream that a person has straight artificial white teeth, then, according to the theory of Mr. Miller’s dream book, get ready to withstand a severe test.

Why do you dream of white teeth according to Miller’s dream book?

Depending on what kind of teeth you dreamed about:

  • snow-white - to the loss of a valuable item;
  • shiny - for an interesting journey;
  • large ones - for an imminent wedding;
  • upper ones - to a quarrel with a close friend (girlfriend);
  • children's - to family conflicts;
  • female - to depression;
  • healthy - to a mistake in a complex matter;
  • ideal - to the emergence of a new hobby;
  • artificial - to attend an interesting event;
  • indigenous - at risk of injury;
  • beautiful - to the appearance of a rival;
  • strong - to a cold;
  • dairy - a risky investment of money;
  • new ones - to meet your future husband (wife);
  • front ones - to a pleasant surprise;
  • even - to minor troubles;
  • strong - for a business trip;
  • clean - to an increase in salary or bonus.

Depending on who dreamed of white teeth:

  • for a pregnant woman - for an easy birth.

Depending on the action:

  • seeing white teeth in the mouth in the mirror is a sign of sadness;
  • insert - for a romantic date;
  • smile - to losses;
  • cleaning - to problems at work.

Depending on who has white teeth:

  • for grandma - good luck in business;
  • for an ex-husband - to high profits;
  • for everyone - to parting with a loved one;
  • for a girl - for a trip to exotic countries;
  • with a friend - to financial problems;
  • for another person - to wealth;
  • in a woman - to a child’s illness;
  • for the wife - to win the lottery;
  • for a friend - to disappointment in a loved one;
  • for a loved one - to failures in business;
  • for mom - to conflict with a relative;
  • in a baby - to the desire to have a child;
  • for a man - to help from a rich person;
  • for the father - to hard work;
  • for a deceased person - problems with parents;
  • in a relative - to betrayal on the part of a partner;
  • at home - to the fulfillment of a cherished dream;
  • for my son - for a large purchase.

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Fight for your interests

An extensive explanation of why you dream of whitening your teeth is provided by a modern combined dream book. According to the dream interpreter, a dream in which you happened to whiten your jaw yourself suggests an upcoming fierce struggle to preserve your interests. Whitening your teeth in a dental office, after which they become healthy and clean, means that in order to achieve your plans, you need to enlist the support of reliable people.

Seeing that after whitening at the dentist, healthy teeth turned yellow again the next morning, means that having entrusted your interests to certain people, you will eventually learn that they could not defend them.

Loff's Dream Book

The American psychologist Loff believed that white teeth signify large expenses or debts.

For women:

  • smooth snow-white teeth dream of meeting a man who is ready for a family relationship;
  • seeing yourself smiling with white teeth in a dream means you are in a good mood;
  • For a pregnant woman, such a dream foreshadows an easy birth.

Interpretations according to the dream book of Nostradamus:

  • white shiny teeth dream of giving up your favorite habits;
  • for a stranger - to loneliness;
  • with a relative - to news from him;
  • for a loved one - to a break in the relationship.

A dream about white teeth, according to Yuri Longo, is a sign of many matters that require immediate resolution.

Other meanings:

  • artificial snow-white teeth dream of illness;
  • perfectly smooth - to the envy of others;
  • fall out - to the emergence of a complex problem;
  • cleaning them means an accident.

According to the Veles dream book, you dream of snow-white teeth when a relative arrives.

Additional values:

  • white teeth on a stranger - to the birth of a son;
  • for a friend - to losses;
  • from a relative - to help a friend in a difficult matter.

Interpretations according to the Wanderer's dream book:

  • dream of an artificial jaw with white teeth means pleasant communication at work;
  • clean - for help from a friend or relative;
  • A snow-white smile on the part of a spouse means empty worries for minor reasons.

Feel free to move forward...

Most dream interpreters are confident that everything you dream about, like white teeth falling out, indicates the imminent discovery of minor health problems in the dreamer or his relatives. The dream book of the 21st century associates a dream plot in which one has to spit out one’s fangs with upcoming unpleasant events that will affect not only the dreamer, but also his immediate environment.

In the medieval interpreter of Daniel, a dream of lost teeth is interpreted depending on their location in the mouth. So:

  • to see your front teeth falling out in a dream - take care of the safety of your father and mother;
  • lateral ones - foreshadow the death of acquaintances or close comrades;
  • the upper ones promise a need for something;
  • lower ones - warn about losses, material losses.

Whiten teeth in a dream

Whiten teeth in a dream

I would like to ask you to decipher this dream. I had a dream tonight, from Friday to Saturday. The dream is quite strange, but since many people consider dreams with teeth to be very bad, I decided to ask you for help.

I don’t remember where I was, but I wasn’t alone there, there were some other people. Whether they were familiar or not, I don’t remember. One person (possibly a man) gave me some kind of teeth whitening product. Looks like a whitening marker. I immediately applied it to my upper front teeth (central incisors). My teeth instantly became snow-white. I saw that I applied the product unevenly and there were “gaps” on these 2 teeth, which turned out to be not whitened. I went over this marker again and applied even more of this product. A few minutes later I went to the mirror and saw that these front teeth had whitened completely unevenly. Those places where the product was applied are twice brighter, those “gaps”. Where the product was applied once - lighter,

I quickly found some kind of napkin and began to wipe off the remnants of this product in the hope that it would help. But instead, my teeth began to crumble. It was as if the product had “corroded” them. They became brittle, soft, and when I started rubbing, my teeth began to crumble. There was a huge hole in those front teeth. Moreover, the hole is very strange, horizontal (I’ll send you what it looked like). For some reason, the bottom of the teeth did not fall off, but somehow held on and they did not even wobble. I began to think about a way out of the situation. Look for dentists who can restore the aesthetic appearance of your teeth and immediately wake up. I didn’t have time to find a dentist, but I started searching.

There was no blood. Initially, the teeth themselves were healthy and not rotten. It was after this that the funds began to collapse.


Unknown places in a dream and unfamiliar people mean, respectively, an unknown place where the event will take place and people unfamiliar to you in reality at the time of the dream. Just like in a dream, an event will happen in some group of people, where you will not be alone.

The stranger is a prototype of a person, a man, who will offer you some way to improve your situation (he gave you a whitening marker), to improve it. This will most likely relate to some matters, and not to the health of relatives or loved ones (if your teeth completely crumbled and fell out, then this would apply to illnesses, relatives, and so on).

You, in turn, will use this without hesitation, and although the result will be instant, it will not please you and you will try to improve it again and again. However, nothing will change for the better, but will get worse and worse. Suddenly. And instead of “external gloss”, more serious problems will appear.

Crumpled teeth without blood in a dream - to worries and problems in business. Since you yourself tried to correct the situation, but everything became even worse, then you will create some problems for yourself in business and you yourself will worry about this.

If at the time of the dream you had some kind of project or some kind of goal, business, then this relates specifically to the project or goal/business. This means there will be problems, failures and worries.




And your very condition and position will not be stable. Circumstances will stack up against you and it will be very difficult to get out of this situation.

A hole in the teeth means a very extremely bad position and situation, that is, a gap, a “hole” in business. Although, to some extent, this situation will somehow hold on: but it is not clear how and it is not clear on what (the lower part of the teeth somehow held on and did not fall). Naturally, in this situation you will begin to look for a way out of the situation, to look for someone who can help you. But since the dream has ended, the result of your actions is not visible here and how the situation will end in reality. Therefore, it is still better to make an affirmation to return to sleep and finish the dream plot logically and positively. Find someone who can help you make your teeth beautiful and healthy.

The main characteristics of the situation that you saw in your dream are related to your public communication with other people. Some kind of communication, connections, including useful ones. The more you do on a man’s advice, the worse it will turn out.

You don't need to take advice from men about your image in society anytime soon. The situation will be connected precisely with this. (how to look more beautiful and from a better angle?)

In all dreams there is an indication of the time of realization! Webinar “Time in dreams” - how to determine when a dream will come true - HERE













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