Why do you dream about feces?

Dream Interpretation: seeing poop in a dream

Dream book of Gustav Miller

interprets feces as a sign of inevitable profit. Accidentally getting smeared in poop is a successful course of business. For people involved in growing crops, the dream prophesies an excellent harvest.

According to Vanga's dream book

poop symbolizes abundance to the point of satiety. However, the Bulgarian fortuneteller warned that excessive passion for material things can interfere with spiritual development. Therefore, a dream with feces is a call to think about the purity of thoughts and actions.

Dream Interpretation of Sigmund Freud

interprets poop as a reflection of complexes and internal psychological problems. The sleeper is ashamed to discuss them, and becomes more deeply confused.

According to the modern dream book

a lot of poop is a harbinger of material reward. If you have doubts about the promised salary or bonus, there is no doubt about it. Everything will be fulfilled in full. A pile of poop means excellent prospects and opportunities to earn a solid income. Liquid feces predict unexpected profits.

According to an esoteric source

feces reflect experiences and troubles. Unpleasant situations may arise.

Tsvetkov's Dream Interpretation

dreamed manure is interpreted positively, as a symbol of a rich harvest.

But human feces, in his opinion, have a completely different meaning. Liquid poop warns of damaging rumors. Trying to wash your own feces from your clothes or body is a particularly negative story. Someone who finds out about the secret of the sleeper will try to get some benefit through blackmail. Ontopsychological interpretation of Meneghetti

considers poop to be a loss of faith in values ​​that are unshakable for the sleeping person. The plot of eating feces indicates an increase in negative emotions.

Loff's Dream Book

interprets poop as a comfortable existence. It is also a symbol of a passionate desire for wealth.

Interpretation according to popular dream books

Each dream book offers its own interpretation of a dream in which feces appear. The interpretation of most interpreters is positive, connected with the financial side of a person’s life. However, there are also negative interpretations.

Miller's interpretation

According to the most popular dream book, feces promises a rapid improvement in your financial situation. Moreover, this requires virtually no effort. However, easy money will be spent as quickly as it appeared. The dream is a warning: you need to learn how to handle finances carefully so as not to bite your teeth in the future.

Freud's explanation

The dream book of the famous psychologist says that a person who saw feces in a dream in reality did something shameful, which he is embarrassed to admit even to his family. In this situation, it is better to remain silent, since recognition may be detrimental to your reputation.

Dream Interpretation Meneghetti

A person who defecates in a dream, feeling shame and embarrassment, in real life is too relaxed in doing work and also devotes little time to his family.

Tsvetkov's Dream Interpretation

Feces in a dream is a warning about financial problems caused by the dreamer’s wrong actions. In order not to run into trouble, you must conduct business extremely carefully, calculate every step, and carefully read the documents you sign.

Dream Interpretation of the Medium Hasse

Feces in a dream are a symbol of financial success. However, the money will be useful if obtained legally. If the reason for the improvement in your financial situation was a crime, then you will not be able to escape from retribution.

Dream Interpretation of the Sorceress Medea

Feces in dreams reflect the aspirations, experience, and character of a person. Diarrhea dreams of a problematic situation. Sticky feces indicate undeserved devaluation of the work result. Constipation is dreamed of by a person who does not want to change and learn, even to improve his financial situation. Hard stool means that the dreamer has acquired enough skills to succeed. To defecate in a public place - the dreamer’s abilities and skills are not needed.

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Chinese dream book

The body is smeared with feces - to wealth. Feces lie everywhere - to enrichment and exaltation. It is difficult and painful to defecate in a dream - a sign of moving to a new position. Diarrhea, involuntary bowel movements - to losses.

Noble dream book

Human feces - to money, inheritance, enrichment. It may mean the stingy and selfish nature of the sleeper. Seeing feces is a sign of business success. Lying in a fecal puddle means a brighter period of life. Holding feces in your hands is a pleasure. To defecate means to spend a lot of money. Diarrhea - to a deterioration in financial situation. Giving an enema means chronic poverty and unpleasant events.

Psychological dream book

Diarrhea dreams of problems. Moreover, unpleasant events will overlap each other, aggravating the life situation, and the dreamer will have to seek help from the people around him.

Whose poop did you dream about?


For new parents, poop means nothing more than a reflection of everyday troubles. The remaining categories of dreamers will receive decent wages for their work.

When you dream about baby

, this is always the personification of honest money. No one can blame them for their origin.

In general, dreamed human

poop also means profit. However, a number of dream books emphasize that such a vision warns of a tendency to delve into other people’s intimate secrets.


poop in a dream is interpreted as an improvement in financial condition. At the same time, it is important to understand whether you always have to go over your head for the sake of money.

Understanding why you dream about animal

, it is advisable to determine what species left them. Although in most cases the meaning is favorable, there are also warnings.

For example, when you dream of kittens

, an unpleasant surprise may follow.


poop is a kinder sign. A new business will start at a stump, and it will take time to reach the expected level of profit.

Small dirty tricks symbolically reflect mouse

poop. Rat shit indicates that in reality swindlers will try to deceive the sleeping person, and although they will not be able to take possession of valuables, unpleasant sensations will remain.

To earn extra income, you dream about dogs

poop. Moreover, a lucrative offer will be received through friends.

Sign of difficult work - cow

poop in a dream. However, the grueling activity will bring substantial profits.

Great symbol - goats

poop. The financial situation is strong, and the family is in good order.

For a good harvest, farmers and gardeners dream of birds

poop. For others, it is a sign of prosperity.

What does the sleeper do?

The dreamer can simply look at the feces, or he can perform some actions with it in a dream. This also needs to be taken into account when interpreting:

  1. The sleeper defecates in a dream - in reality he is trying to increase his income in an honest way. Moreover, the dream suggests that you should not agree to an offer to obtain easy income through criminal means, since this will certainly lead to dire consequences. If the dreamer empties his bowels in a public place, in full view of people, then in real life he has earned the respect of colleagues or business partners.
  2. To wash off or clean feces from oneself is to become an accidental witness to the disclosure of someone’s secret. The dream warns that you should not spill other people’s secrets, otherwise troubles cannot be avoided.
  3. The sleeping person accidentally saw feces while moving along the road or doing something in a dream - in reality, the people around him take advantage of his weak character and pliability for their own gain. The dream suggests that it’s time to train your character, learn to refuse and put insolent people in their place.
  4. Stepping on fecal matter or getting your shoes dirty means profit and an improvement in the financial situation of the family.
  5. Having feces analyzed in a medical laboratory is a negative dream and predicts a worsening situation in the workplace and financial problems.
  6. The dreamer is cleaning, washing away feces - in reality, he does not want to admit guilt, apologize to the offended person, or correct what he has done, although he is well aware of his mistake. The dream suggests that admitting guilt is extremely necessary; it will allow you to live on with a calm heart, and reconciliation with the offended person will be very useful.
  7. Getting your hands dirty with your own feces is a reward for a job well done. If the sleeper smears himself in someone else’s feces, then in reality there is a high probability of getting involved in a serious conflict with other people. If your clothes are dirty, you should prepare for a worsening financial situation.
  8. Holding feces in your hands means your expectations will be in vain.
  9. A vile dream in which you eat feces foreshadows pathologies of the digestive tract. There is a high risk of poisoning from spoiled food. Sometimes such a dream warns of a vile act on the part of a person from the environment. If a friend turns out to be eating feces, then in reality a quarrel with him is coming. Moreover, the conflict will be associated with disgusting behavior or some ugly habit of a friend. If the dreamer begins to eat what appears to be a chocolate bar, but in the process of eating it turns out that it is feces, then in reality one should be wary of deceivers.
  10. Falling into a large fecal puddle means your reputation is at risk. In the near future, you should not get involved in dubious enterprises or sign documents offered by unfamiliar people.
  11. The sleeping person smells fecal matter - in reality, he treats the people around him with hostility, although he does not show it. Most likely, we are talking about people from the business environment or those closest to us. The dreamer forces himself to communicate and meet, but dream books suggest that such contacts can negatively affect one’s reputation, so it is better to tactfully refuse them.

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Actions with poop in a dream

step on

in the poop - a warning plot. In reality, a dishonest act from the past may become known to others.

Take away

poop - unplanned expenses. Cleaning a cesspool - scammers are trying to deceive.


poop in order to take it for tests - the personification of anxiety about the state of health. This feeling really has a basis, and it is undesirable to postpone a visit to the doctor.

Touch with hands

poop is a dream indicating some unscrupulousness. Even not very legal methods of obtaining money do not cause rejection in the sleeping person.

Get dirty

poop accidentally - profit. Intentionally - to negative gossip.

is a warning sign

poop in a dream. You should beware of stale food and dishes of dubious origin due to the high likelihood of poisoning.

Difficult work lies ahead if you dream of washing

poop. But it will be generously paid.

Where did you dream about poop

When you dream about poop in the toilet

, in reality you have to make a large purchase. This will be an item that provides comfort, but the cost will be high.

Dreaming of poop in the toilet

portend a period when you will have to work hard. But if you see them on the floor of a latrine, an accidental discovery of money is possible.

Spendthrift means poop in the water

. The dream indicates the need to be more careful with finances.

A good sign is poop in the grass.

. Excellent harvest and prosperity.

Poop in the house

may mean a change of scenery. Depending on the place where they were located, there are nuances of interpretation.

A passionate but fleeting romance is ahead, that's why you dream about poop in bed

. The lover will be a generous sponsor, but his attraction will be fleeting.

Poop on the floor

symbolize a strong economy and the ability to manage finances rationally. If there is shit everywhere in the apartment, prosperity awaits in reality.

Why do I dream about this?

After tossing and turning in his warm bed for a long time, a man suddenly opens his eyes with the thought: “This is a dream, feces... What?!”

There are several common theories about why human excrement is seen in dreams. If a person defecates past the toilet in a dream, this portends imminent problems at work, as well as failures in the business he has begun. After such a vision, it is not recommended to start new businesses or change jobs, as you may fail. If in a dream you see the natural process of defecation in the toilet, this means that life goes on as usual, and there is simply no need to change anything.

When an elderly person dreams about his own excrement, then unpleasant health incidents should be expected. In principle, these are all the reasons why people dream of human excrement.

It is worth not forgetting that whose fecal discharge is dreamed of has different meanings. In addition to human feces, it is possible to see the following in a dream:

  • dog excrement;
  • cat excrement;
  • livestock excrement;
  • excrement of wild animals.

Interpretation of sleep by the type of poop

When you dream about poop with worms

, businessmen should check the financial purity of their transactions. Possible pitfalls.

Great sign - big

poop. Moreover, the larger its size, the greater the income.


the poop simply symbolizes astronomical profits or receiving an impressive bonus for work done.

Unusual white

poop is also a great symbol. There comes a bright streak in life when everything will work out.

Who did you dream about in poop?

Small child

in poop - a sign of increasing prosperity. Teenager in feces - mood swings. It’s time for the dreamer to realize that his irritability is the result of overwork and it’s time to rest.

Dreamed of a familiar adult man

in poop - unpleasant troubles because of someone who was considered a friend. A stranger in feces - to a reality situation that will make you experience a feeling of disgusted interest.

See yourself

poop in a dream is a good sign. Through work and diligence, success and material wealth will come to the sleeper.

Your own hands

in poop to make a profit. But getting dirty on purpose means that your reputation will be damaged due to the gossip of envious people.

feet for expensive gifts

in poop. Literal meaning: every step of the dreamer brings profit.

It may not be very pleasant to figure out why you dream about poop, but the predominance of positive interpretations undoubtedly softens the unpleasant feelings of disgust. At the same time, such a vision warns against excessive worship of material values.

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