why do you dream about wooden flooring?

Dream Interpretation: why dream about gender, seeing gender in a dream

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Why do you dream about Paul, interpretation of the dream:

Gender is the foundation or foundation of the body, mind and spirit; skewed floor - a distorted view of things; a rotten floor is an unreliable physical or spiritual foundation; a sagging floor is a departure from proper ideals and principles (a sagging floor in the kitchen or dining room may indicate an unhealthy diet).

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Why does Paul dream according to the dream book:

Gender is a symbol of your life position, your habits. Sweeping or washing the floor means you have to get rid of someone or something. Dirt, garbage on the floor - you cannot improve your life, you are subject to random circumstances. Falling on the floor is a disease. Repairing or painting floors means large expenses. A floor covered with linoleum or carpet foreshadows an act that could damage your reputation

Flooring - Shiny New Home Floors - Build Your Own Home. Slipping on the floor is a fleeting love interest. A new floor means an unexpected meeting with an old acquaintance. The floor in a low house means happiness and contentment in the house.

What does Paul dream about according to the dream book?

Gender - The Bulgarian soothsayer Vanga interpreted dreams in which gender is present as follows: Washing the floor in a dream - success in your work awaits you, provided that you do not contradict your superiors and defend your point of view. Be tolerant of the shortcomings of powerful people. If you dream that the floor opens up underneath you and you fall, this means that someone is trying very hard to ruin your reputation. And apparently, not without success.

Dream Interpretation of the Healer Evdokia

Why do you dream about Paul in a dream?

Boards (flooring) - if they are strong and serve as a bridge - a good sign. Seeing flooring on the floor is a warning to be careful. For a girl to walk on boards through a muddy stream, and the boards are rotten, rotten, is a risk to her reputation; it can also mean inattention in the near future from a loved one.

Why do you dream about Paul in a dream:

Floor – Washing a wooden floor in a dream means peace.

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Slippery floor – You need to be careful.

Linoleum - Laying linoleum on the floor is for repair.

Wash the floor - In a dream you dream about how you wash the floor in all rooms - to receive guests.

Why do you dream about Paul in a dream:

Floor - Washing a wooden floor in a dream means washing away money, this is how the dream book interprets the dream you had.

Slippery floor - To loss of place in the service.

Linoleum - Choosing linoleum in a store means buying new clothes.

Wash the floor - To gossip.

Why do you dream about Paul in a dream:

Wooden floor - to illness.

Slippery floor – A slippery floor means that your actions are fragile.

A hole in the floor means collapse.

Linoleum - laying linoleum means going out in a new dress.

Clean the floor. To leave your home.

Miller's interpretations

A well-known psychologist recommends paying attention to all the nuances of a dream in order to protect yourself from negative events in reality.

In his dream book, Miller described in detail what a collapsed floor might mean in a dream:

A flooring that collapses in a dream always indicates the mistakes and mistakes of the sleeping person. Traditional dream books indicate that the dreamer's reputation will be at risk, which is why he should exercise maximum caution.

Holes forming in the decking is a bad omen. A conflict situation may be brewing in the dreamer’s family due to an acute lack of finances to create optimal living conditions. If in a dream a person cannot do anything about a failed flooring, then in reality loud scandals await the married couple. You can improve your financial situation and relationships with your spouse without much effort if you managed to patch a wooden floor in a dream. Miller's dream book promises improvement of the situation and elimination of conflicts.

It’s bad if a person dreamed that he fell through the floor . The dreamer risks ending up in a bad society, where he will be forced to do bad things. You need to expect a trick from strangers. If a person occupies a leadership position, then he may be caught taking a bribe, ruin his reputation, or begin to blackmail him. Loss of control over one’s own actions, as well as excessive trust, which will result in serious problems, is what dreams of falling in the floor or falling into a hole mean.

Various interpretations

If you dreamed of a wooden floor, it means that your family is based on emotional relationships, not economic ones. If he fails in a dream, then the marriage will crack. The female interpreter strongly advises having more heart-to-heart conversations with your other half. Scattered sand is a sign of doubt and suffering. The more sand there was, the stronger the experience. Sweeping or wiping the floor in a dream means getting rid of suffering. The Eastern dream book is confident that you will be able to cope with mental pain and become only stronger after the experiences you have experienced.

If you dream that there is earth scattered on the floor, then you will have to be nervous about the inheritance. If you dreamed of hair on the parquet floor, get ready to go on a long journey. If you dreamed of a new and clean carpet, then everything planned will come true exactly as you planned. Aesop recommends not wasting your time on trifles, but focusing on the main goal. If you dreamed about wet tiles, you should be more careful with your actions and words.

In a dream, a solid wooden floor symbolizes stability, reliability, excellent health and warm relationships. But the interpretation changes completely if there are any problems with the coating. The dream book will explain why you dream of various variations of the image.

General value

Gender in a dream means stability and confidence. Often in visions a person can fly, run fast, or not feel the ground under his feet. These moments indicate instability in life, constant changes and possible events that will literally “knock you off track.” But the floor is an element of reliability. If a person sits or stands and feels it well, the dream foreshadows stability and confidence, the correctness of decisions made and support for the development of one’s own business. Depending on what gender you dreamed about, you can talk about different details:

  1. Beautiful means pleasant events in the future; if it is new, it can also portend a good road or a successful trip.
  2. I dreamed about gender - to a meeting with former acquaintances or people with whom I previously had business. This is a renewal of old connections and the opportunity to discover new talents with the help of “old” people. Esotericists decipher such a vision as positive, but if the background of the vision is black or dark, crying is heard or fear is felt, this is a negative dream.
  3. An uneven painted floor means changes and new plans. The sleeper may be unprepared for a drastic change in the plot of life, but he will be satisfied with the outcome. A dream can warn against making decisions on your own. Before deciding on something important, you need to consult with your family or friends to avoid possible mistakes.
  4. Seeing a painted floor and walking along it, leaving marks, means not thinking about the consequences, going ahead. In reality, there will be situations when you need to stop and weigh all the positive and negative aspects, and only then take the next steps.

It also happens that under one layer of paint another appears, this may indicate that in reality a person does not see the whole picture or that something is being hidden from him. These are secrets, omissions or outright lies to your face. You need to take a closer look at those around you and not trust everything they say.

But you dream of a wet floor as a warning that there will be health hazards ahead and you need to wait a little. If a person not only stands on wet ground, but also feels pouring rain or cold, this is a real danger: he urgently needs to abandon his plan so as not to harm himself.

The power is in the details

Depending on where the events of the vision occur, you can find out whether it was a warning dream or a regular dream. If the sleeper sees his house or relatives, walks inside or sits on the floor there, this indicates a strong family connection and the ability to seek help in any difficult moment.

Sitting on the floor in someone else's house, surrounded by unfamiliar surroundings, means being confused, afraid to make a decision, or feeling discomfort. If this is someone else’s apartment or room in which crying or screams are heard, the vision warns that you need to abandon your plan and wait out the turbulent time. In dream books, painting or repairing the flooring in someone else’s house means big waste and financial losses. In reality, a person can make a rash purchase or get involved in a bad company, which will soon simply deceive you for money.

If the sleeper paints the floor with brightly colored paint and likes the work, in reality the person will experience a change in image, a renewal of style. The meaning of the dream depends on personal feelings: when the sleeper is comfortable, he will be satisfied with the result, but if not, it is better to refuse offers to get a haircut or choose new clothes.

A lot of red paint on the floor - to strong love experiences and adventures of an intimate nature. Soon there will be a fan who will be able to give you a storm of emotions and literally make your head spin. Although the meaning in dream books often differs, in all interpreters the red color on the floor means passion and love desire.

Black color - to losses , perhaps even to death. If the sleeper steps on black and his feet turn the same color, the vision concerns someone close to him. To bypass black spots is to experience the departure to another world of just a familiar person or neighbor.

Interpreters suggest deciphering dark colors or dirt as dreams with a negative meaning, and bright and colorful ones as positive. But it is imperative to take into account the sensations of the sleeper; a lot also depends on this.

Decoding actions

Repairing a floor in a dream means that in reality there will be changes in your job, place of residence, or the purchase of expensive equipment. When the repair is successful, the sleeper will be pleased with the result, but if not, serious decisions must be abandoned so as not to harm himself in the future.

In a vision, laying laminate flooring or changing linoleum is interpreted by esotericists as an internal readiness for radical changes. This could be a decision to change your usual lifestyle or improve relationships between family members.

Dismantling an old wooden floor and throwing away boards means trying to forget past grievances and trying to switch to new events. Breaking boards or breaking into the ground has a negative meaning: something will happen soon that will make you feel very awkward or tense. If other people are nearby, this shame can be seen and ridiculed. Negative dreams include:

  1. Setting fire to the floor or making holes in the boards means lack of money or problems on the personal front.
  2. Filling the boards with mud means telling lies about others, engaging in slander and being condemned for it.
  3. Cutting the floor covering with a knife means seriously offending a loved one and breaking off a relationship.

But besides the negativity, there is a lot of positive meaning in such stories. Making the floor in a new house means that in reality a person will be able to quickly find a common language with new acquaintances or set up a business. If the floor is red, the vision foretells a future acquaintance and even the beginning of a good relationship. Wipe the boards until they shine or clean the coating from dust - new ideas and opportunities. Very soon there will be interesting options for earning money or career advancement, there will be many pleasant moments and influential acquaintances. The dream indicates an increase in the authority of the sleeper among others.

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