Hair cutting - interpretation of the dream book

Cutting off your hair in a dream is a symbol that you are threatened by some kind of adversity and trouble. But the dream books suggest that before you begin to decipher what you dream about cutting your hair, you should take into account some details: who was cut, how, and also what color and length the cut hair was.

Miller's interpretations

Miller's dream book believes that cutting off hair in a dream is a symbol of loss and disappointment. There is a possibility that your competitors have started a “dishonest game” against you, the end of which will be financial failures and deal breakdowns.

Did you dream that you cut off your braid? This means a loss of vitality and energy. You will feel tired and unwilling to do anything. It is especially bad for people who are gullible and unsure of their own abilities to see this, because for them such a vision is a harbinger of deception and loss of trust.

Miller's Dream Book - what does a dream in which hair is cut mean?

Hair is considered a symbol of health and success; cutting it accordingly is a sign of failure, enemies, and grievances. If you dreamed that your husband recently got his hair cut, expect conflicts and money problems.

Cutting your hair in a dream according to Miller means you will become greedy and unfriendly towards your business partners.

If a girl is getting her hair cut by her friend, then you need to beware of her words and advice, the friend wishes harm.

In a dream, I had my hair cut by a hairdresser - you have earned a bad reputation associated with some kind of affair. Perhaps you were defamed by an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, or you yourself behaved ugly towards someone.

Don't let yourself be manipulated

Deciphering the dream of a plot in which you cut off a child’s hair, the Eastern Dream Book gives the following interpretation of the dream: a person will appear in your life to whom you will feel a strong attachment and will begin to please him in everything. You should not allow anyone to manipulate you; if you feel that the object of your affection is putting pressure on you, break off all relations with him.

Do you see in your dream how you cut off your rival’s long black curls? This means that you will be able to win back your man, brazenly taken away by the insidious fatal beauty.

But if your rival’s curls were light in the dream, then you will expose a kind of “innocent angel” making eyes at your chosen one, and you will be able to divert the guy’s attention to yourself.

General interpretations

What does it mean to dream about getting your hair cut?

Despite the fact that cutting hair in a dream is a very disturbing sign, in other cases such a night vision does not mean anything bad.

  • When a well-known person (relative, close friend, spouse) cuts your hair, such a dream “comes” before some joyful event that can radically change your life. These events will be closely related to the person who was the “hairdresser” in the dream.
  • A dream in which a stranger deftly wields scissors over your hair is a warning : in reality you may need the help of a stranger in resolving some problems. These problems will not necessarily be large-scale; perhaps you just need a “strong hand” in some difficult endeavor.

Interpretation of a dream in which you are cutting someone's hair

Cutting off the hair of a stranger in a dream is a very positive sign.
A favorable period is coming in your life: you have complete control over all areas of your life, “keep your finger on the pulse”, luck smiles on you. Do not miss your chance! The time has come to implement bold plans.

  • Cutting off a child's hair - such a dream always carries a good meaning, regardless of who dreamed it . Usually he dreams before significant events that can radically change the course of life (fateful acquaintance, wedding, birth of a child).
  • If in a dream one spouse cuts off the hair of the other, then in reality they will have pleasant joint experiences (trips, trips, events). Also, such a dream can “speak” of peace and harmony reigning in the family.

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I am my own hairdresser... What does it mean to dream in which you cut your own hair?

Why do you dream of cutting off your own hair: for worse or for good?

The most famous dream books claim that independently depriving yourself of hair on your head in a dream is a very bad sign. Some interpreters suggest identifying hair with relationships: cutting a lock of hair in a dream means breaking a close relationship in reality.

  • If in a dream you find it difficult to cut strand by strand , then in real life you may encounter poverty and need .
  • To brush off the end of your braid or tail - such a dream speaks of the fears you experience before the future. The dream can also indicate your excessive timidity and indecisiveness.
  • Cutting off the hair in the front (bangs, strands located in the forehead area) in a dream is a very bad sign. Trouble may happen to your immediate family.

If you see cut hair in a dream

This dream does not bring anything good - all leading dream books will assure us of this.

  • For a young girl to see her hair cut off in a dream - to an unsuccessful marriage (her husband is a tyrant, a drunkard or an inveterate reveler).
  • For a man who sees his beloved woman with cut off hair in her hands, the dream indicates the infidelity of the chosen one. If he watches how she is about to cut off her braid, but has not yet had time to do this, then in reality the betrayal has not yet taken place, but the betrothed is completely ready for it.
  • You are sweeping your hair after cutting it in a dream - this prosaic dream has a deep meaning. You repent of your sins, are ready to rethink your existence and start living again.
  • A dream in which a lock of a mother's hair is cut off means illness of one of her children.

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Looking at dreams from a different angle

  • According to some interpreters, a dream with cut off hair represents new beginnings. This version seems quite interesting: the cut hair is identified with the strand of a monk or clergyman during tonsure. By cutting off part of his hair, the dreamer seems to be abandoning his former worldly life and preparing himself for a new, more elevated existence.
  • There is another non-standard version of the interpretation of dreams involving cutting off hair. Hair is a powerful store of information, including (and sometimes mostly) negative. And by getting rid of hair (in whole or in part), we make our existence easier and bring happy changes into our lives. This is why in the old days it was considered right to cut your hair after a serious illness, stress or mourning.

Dreams about hair cutting can be interpreted in different ways. They are not always positive, but one thing can be said with certainty: if you like the new haircut that you found in the kingdom of Morpheus, and you admire the look of your healthy hair, there is nothing to worry about. Such a dream is quite favorable.

If a haircut causes panic, you should be wary and analyze your actions and the actions of your loved ones. Something has gone wrong in life, and a dream signals you about it.

And lastly, if you work as a hairdresser, and cutting your hair is your daily duty, then dreams with cut hair mean absolutely nothing to you, but are simply a reflection of your everyday routine.

We also recommend watching a video that explains why you dream of cutting off your hair:

Be more decisive

Did you dream that you cut off the hair of not someone else, but yourself? According to the Gypsy Dream Book, this vision indicates that you lack determination. Very often you give up and give up when faced with an obstacle on the way to realizing your plans.

Cutting your own long locks while sitting in front of a curtained mirror is a symbol of unwillingness to be held accountable for the actions you have committed. And if you dreamed that you did not cut off your entire hair, but only a part of it - a few strands - then this means that you will decide for a long time and hesitate, not knowing what to do, the Modern Dream Book suggests, explaining why you dream about something like this.

Freud's Dream Book

Despite the fact that many authoritative dream interpreters, when answering the question of why one dreams of cutting one’s hair, warn the dreamer about possible troubles, Dr. Freud’s dream book has a completely opposite opinion. Most often, such dreams are a harbinger of dramatic life changes of a positive kind. If you had a dream in which you were cut, then in the near future you will reveal yourself to others from a completely different side. Know that you have hidden potential that you may not have even known about. Try yourself in something new and you will definitely achieve success. Doctor Freud also knows why you dream of cutting your own hair. In most cases, such a dream is a symbol of great success. Perhaps the business on which you bet every last penny will become incredibly profitable. But if during the process the dreamer’s scissors break, then such a dream is considered extremely negative. Soon you will find yourself in a difficult situation and will be left without the support of friends, communication with whom will stop on your initiative. Therefore, you should control every word you say so as not to offend your loved ones.

Take care of your health

Did you dream that you cut off the hair of another person, for example, one of your friends, with a knife? There is a possibility that your friend will soon fall ill, and you will be the culprit of his illness, says the Slavic Dream Book.

Cutting off a voluminous strand of hair to someone in a dream, leaving an uneven tuft of hair on their head is a sign of strong resentment towards this person. Moreover, the resentment will be so strong that there is a chance of getting sick, for example, becoming depressed.

But cutting your locks of hair with a knife in a dream is a sign of an illness caused by a negligent attitude towards your health, says Vanga’s dream book. Don’t start illnesses, go to the doctor as soon as you feel signs of illness, the seer advises.

Expect profit

Tsvetkov’s dream book gives more positive interpretations, explaining why you dream about how you carefully cut your hair, turning it into a beautiful haircut. According to this interpreter, such a plot predicts a quick profit thanks to personal effort and diligence.

Did you dream that you were cutting off someone's hair while working as a hairdresser? This means that to succeed and make a profit in the business you have planned, you will need an assistant.

And if you cut a shred out of your competitor’s head in a dream, then you can not even doubt your victory, the interpreter of Medea rejoices.

Dream interpretation of a braid, a braid, a braid is a dream Interpretation of a dream

Dream interpretation of seeing a braid in a dream. A braid of hair symbolizes strength, energy, opportunity and order in all this. Braiding hair in a dream means putting your thoughts and affairs in order, knowing what you want. If a man dreams that a girl is braiding her hair, it means that she has made a decision regarding him.

About one, two braids and a “tail” - here

A long braid in a dream symbolizes promising business for men and businessmen, if a business woman dreams of it and according to the plot of the dream, it indicates aspects of business. The longer and thicker the braid, the more successful, durable and profitable the business will be. A prosperous, prosperous life for married people means if they see a long braid in a dream. For single and unmarried people - marriage. Unraveling your hair in a dream means becoming free from ties with your partner, at least in your behavior and actions. Cutting off a braid in a dream means being deprived of strength, opportunities and prospects.

Death with a scythe in a dream is a warning of danger. This sign appears in dreams when you “enter” the range of possible situations with accidents. Avoid travel or long trips for a while. In such dreams there will necessarily be indications of the time and circumstances under which this may happen, as well as the people to whom it concerns. “Future Projection” dream affirmation




Scythe - tool

In a dream, a scythe always dreams of danger. Moreover, the one who has it in his hands will become the cause of the accident due to carelessness, inexperience or simply ignorance. If in a dream you saw a braid on a stranger, then the circumstances will be the same in an unfamiliar environment with strangers, but the meaning is the same - danger to life.

If in your dream you saw that the grass was being cut with a scythe, it means unexpected damages and losses.

Grim Reaper

Those dream reports in which I saw this symbol always contained information that after such a dream there was a threat to life. The Grim Reaper is a sign of warning, but not necessarily the event itself. In any case, this can be determined immediately by the plot of the dream. How your dream ends is how the danger itself may turn out.





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What to pay attention to

But Miss Hasse’s dream book, deciphering the meaning of a dream in which you had to cut off hair, whether your own or someone else’s, draws attention to its color. So, to dream that you have cut your curls:

  • redheads - you will become more responsible and decisive, cast aside all doubts;
  • black - better postpone the trip, failure awaits you;
  • white - you will be sad after losing a friend;
  • fair-haired - get rid of routine and boredom, find new friends;
  • gray hair - you will commit an unexpected act, get carried away by something that is not typical for you.

Hairdresser's actions

If the dreamer visited a hairdresser in a dream and used the services of a master, this should be taken into account during the interpretation. You need to remember what manipulations with the hair the specialist performed. For example, you may see the following scenes:

  • Cutting off long hair means significant events that will completely change the course of life. This could be the birth of a baby, a wedding, a fateful acquaintance, moving to another city, or a change of job. No matter what happens, life will change for the better. The black stripe will be replaced by a white one, and there will no longer be a reason for sadness. The sleeper will understand what it means to rejoice in every day he lives and to be happy without any special reason.
  • Seeing a hairdresser trimming bangs means pleasant shared experiences with your other half. This could be a long-awaited vacation, some interesting event, or an unusual date. The dream may also hint at harmony in family life. Spouses know how to appreciate each other and will never give up their happiness. They should not be afraid of difficult trials.
  • If in a dream two specialists cut off their hair at the same time, this means that the dreamer is popular among friends. Everyone loves this person for his openness, kindness and sense of humor. The dreamer is the life of the party. He is welcome everywhere.
  • Sometimes you may dream that the hairdresser gave you a bad haircut. If you don’t like your new hairstyle, then you need to be extremely careful. Someone from close circle is plotting against the sleeping person and wants to harm him. You need to determine what kind of person this is and stop sharing your secrets with him. Otherwise, he may use the information received against the dreamer.
  • Why you dream of cutting your hair down to your shoulders is discussed in many collections of predictions. This hairstyle speaks of a desire for change. I want to forget about the routine and get new experiences. Perhaps it's time to relax and go on vacation. It may be necessary to change your occupation if work is depressing and brings only negative emotions. You need to understand yourself and understand what your soul asks for.
  • A short haircut predicts infidelity of the other half. You need to take a closer look at your partner and just watch him. Perhaps this person has an affair. It is important to understand whether such a partner is needed. It is possible that the relationship with him has long since outlived its usefulness.

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