Why do you have erotic dreams? Decoding visions.


The psychological component of erotic fantasies may indicate that a person is dissatisfied with his sex life. However, this is a superficial opinion and is not necessarily correct. Dreams should be interpreted depending on the situation:

  • seeing a connection between a man and a woman is a signal that the body wants to receive sexual release;
  • To dream of yourself having sex with someone you know is a sign that you have unresolved issues. You may see one of your friends or a work colleague. It is not at all necessary that such a fantasy indicates that you want to enter into a relationship with him. Rather, it indicates that there is a problematic situation that requires the participation of this person. Solve all existing issues, and dreams will stop bothering you;
  • in some cases, intimacy suggests that you are experiencing feelings of guilt, shame or doubt about the person who was present in your vision. Analyze your attitude towards him in order to understand what problem is haunting you;
  • if in a dream a woman acts as a man in sexual intercourse, it means that in reality she is trying to interfere in matters that should not concern her. Perhaps she works in a male position or makes decisions that are usually trusted only to the stronger sex;
  • seeing that a woman performs a dominant function and does not listen to her partner’s opinion is a sign that things are not going well in her personal life. It is possible that you do not experience satisfaction not only in sex, but also in other areas. Feelings of disappointment can lead to separation from a lover or dismissal from work;
  • if a woman dreams of intimacy with another woman, this may indicate a lack of attention to her own needs. Treat yourself to a vacation or visit a beauty salon.

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Why do you have erotic dreams?

Dreams are an integral and uncontrollable part of our lives. Dreams are emotionally charged ideas perceived by the sleeper as subjective reality. Dreams can include both real events that took place in reality and fantasies. Researchers believe that every person has erotic dreams about 5 times a month.

Erotic dreams do not characterize deviations in sexual life; they are a sign of puberty and sexual health. The subconscious is focused on the continuation of the human race, which explains the reasons for frequent dreams with a hint of intimacy. People dream either of the sexual act itself, or with a hidden sexual connotation, filled with romantic experiences. You should not be upset and consider the presence of outright depraved dreams in erotic dreams as a deviation from the norm. The fact is that moral standards acquired in the process of life are absent in a dream; the subconscious is freed from limiting beliefs while the mind is dormant.

Sex dreams begin as we grow older. That is why erotic dreams in adolescents are a normal phenomenon, suggesting that the body is changing and preparing for procreation, acquiring new functions.

Sometimes an adult begins to have erotic dreams if there has been no sexual contact in his life for a long time. Having experienced an orgasm in a dream, some people think that they have realized their desire, but this is only a sign that a person is ready to experience it in reality.

It happens that a person has an erotic dream with behavior that is non-standard for him, for example, same-sex intimate relationships. The next morning a person may experience anxiety and discomfort about this. If you are disturbed by such a dream, this means that you are depriving yourself of attention and you should take care of yourself and your body, relax and unwind, visit a cosmetologist or massage therapist. Maybe the inner self wants to draw attention to itself in this way.

If the problem of erotic dreams has become very exciting for you, then try to write down in a notebook all the exciting images that you dreamed of and then unemotionally read what you wrote down. This outside perspective will help you sort out your worries and worries.

The most common prerequisites for the appearance of erotic dreams.

1. Fatigue.

When the human body is overstressed, in a dream it unconsciously strives to gain pleasure and wake up the next morning with a smile. This means that you need to properly distribute the load throughout the day, alternating between relaxation and work.

2. Highlights.

Sometimes a very emotional event happened during the day, for example you met your ex-lover. This can also be reflected in an erotic dream.

3. Dissatisfaction in your personal life.

Scientists say that sometimes dreams of a sexual nature can mean two problems in your personal life:

  • dissatisfaction with the partner;
  • inability to open up and enjoy intimacy.

It happens that a woman cannot realize her fantasies in reality; in a dream she is emotionally free and completely surrenders to her fantasies.

Sexual satisfaction is one of the human needs, which is why dreams are common. Don't worry if you have erotic dreams, just treat them the same as normal dreams.

People's dream book

The classical interpreter gives the following definitions of what is seen in a dream:

  • seeing sex that occurs with some deviations from generally accepted norms, or clearly unhealthy fantasies - in itself may not mean anything. But the recurring nature of dreams signals the presence of serious mental trauma;
  • you have been sexually assaulted - are actually unhappy with the people around you. You believe that your words are not listened to and you are not appreciated;
  • not achieving pleasure after the act - in reality, do not expect to be able to achieve your goals. Lack of ambition and laziness will hinder you;
  • to see yourself without clothes in the company of clothed people - not so long ago you committed a bad act that haunts you. You need to tell someone about this and correct what you did;
  • if you are prevented from entering into an intimate relationship, it is extremely important for you to receive approval from loved ones about the person you have chosen as a partner;
  • to see an erotic dream with the participation of parents - in the real world you constantly need the support of more experienced people;
  • if in a dream you are involved in group sex, this is a bad sign. You need to beware of people who can drag you into a dubious enterprise. In the future, this can lead to financial ruin, so beware of scammers.

Erotic dreams: why do they happen?

People just need to sleep. When we sleep, we rest, gain strength, energy, and our physical fitness is restored. In our sleep, we see a variety of dreams on a variety of topics. In them we are heroes, astronauts, writers, and scientists. However, we often see erotic dreams and for some reason consider them a deviation from the norm, although this is not the case at all.

The topic of dreams and dreams is vast and has not been fully studied, despite the fact that it is the 21st century. What is the nature of dreams, what serves as their premise, why do we see in dreams what we see? These questions are still controversial and do not have one clear answer. One thing is clear to scientists: dreams are a reflection of our consciousness.

During dreams, we see either what worries us most at the moment, or our fantasies. Let's talk today about erotic dreams, find out why we have them and whether this is really “abnormal”.

Scientists carried out statistics, and they found that 10% of all the dreams that we see throughout our lives are erotic or intimate in nature. And the point is not that we are obsessed with sex, but the point is our human nature. For example, men, who by nature are continuers of the family, see erotic dreams due to the subconscious need to continue the human race. Women also have erotic dreams, and often more than 5 times a month! The subconscious orientation towards the continuation of the human race causes erotic dreams, and this is the norm, and not a deviation from it.

For some reason, many people believe that erotic dreams are a sign of sexual preoccupation and that it is “abnormal” to have such dreams. But that's not true. For example, men more often dream of sex with unfamiliar partners, only because they are essentially polygamous, i.e. have more partners in life. And women, in turn, have erotic dreams with familiar men and often realize their dreams in reality. Erotic dreams are not a disease at all, but a normal expression of our subconscious sexuality.

Our sex dreams can be very different. Women mostly have beautiful and romantic dreams, men have more passionate ones. All people can dream about both dreams with hidden sexual overtones and specifically sexual intercourse, in all details. Therefore, do not think that it is not natural to have such dreams. This is the norm, and many scientists have proven it. You are normal if you have sexual dreams, but if you don’t have such dreams, and never had them, then this may already be a deviation from the norm.

Sexual dreams begin to occur as a person grows up. Our body is acquiring more and more new functions, such as procreation, and our subconscious, as it were, “tells” us what is happening to us. Therefore, erotic dreams in adolescents are a normal phenomenon and correspond to age-related development.

Therefore, parents should not immediately panic when their children have such dreams. For their age, and for anyone else, this is normal.

The famous psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud studied our subconscious sexuality, and we recommend reading his works if you still think that sexual dreams are a deviation from the norm. However, we will try to convince you. For example, did you know that often a long absence of sexual acts in life often manifests itself in dreams, and it is precisely because our need for sexual intercourse is not satisfied in life that such a dream occurs.

Sexual satisfaction is included in the list of human needs and, if this list is presented in the form of a pyramid, then our sexual desire is at the lowest level of the pyramid. Hence the conclusion is that without satisfying the first stage of our needs, which includes sexual desire, we will never reach the satisfaction of higher needs, such as self-actualization and self-realization.

Erotic dreams are a ubiquitous phenomenon; you should not think that they are an indicator of sexual concerns or problems, not at all. Therefore, treat them like other dreams.

Freud's Dream Book

According to the famous psychoanalyst, seeing yourself having sex is a sign that you are dissatisfied in the real world. Dissatisfaction does not necessarily concern the personal sphere. Freud believed that a person needs to throw out negativity through intimacy. Discharge allows you to take a fresh look at the situation and find the right solution.

If you do not receive satisfaction in the real world, the subconscious mind projects intimacy into dreams. Romantic and tender contact tells a woman that she is thinking a lot about some man, but has not yet taken a step towards him. At the same time, it is worth taking the initiative so as not to succumb to vain fantasies.

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Some erotic visions involve cheating, violence, or some other thing that you wouldn't allow in reality. Freud proposed to interpret each of these fantasies depending on the personality type of a particular person. Most often, what is seen indicates the presence of certain complexes or subconscious fears. You should spend more time getting rid of stress and try to let some things take their course. Look at the world differently, because you risk being forever mired in the abyss of discontent and unhappiness.

Miller's Dream Book

According to Miller's interpretation, such dreams are directly related to how things are going in your personal life in reality. Seeing sexual intercourse taking place from the outside means there are serious problems. Most likely, you rely too much on what you see on your TV screens. Stop comparing celebrities' personal lives or how intimacy is portrayed in movies to your own. You find fault with your loved one excessively, which prevents you from simply enjoying each other's company. This prevents you from creating a strong relationship or family.

To dream that you are enjoying sexual intercourse means that you are actually satisfied with what is happening in your life. Your relationship is stable, you are loved by your significant other and everything is going great for you. A dream in which you feel shame or dissatisfaction should alert you. In this case, things don’t work out for you and problems pile up one after another. Most likely, you are experiencing difficulties at work and do not know how to solve them.

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