Sleeping snake in bed

Vanga - about snakes that ate themselves

When in a dream the dreamer witnessed a snake eating a snake, Vanga’s dream book again adds optimism. According to this interpreter, the spiteful critics started a “war” among themselves and for this reason completely forgot about you. They were so consumed by their problems that you stopped entertaining your enemies. Wait a little and “dance on their bones.” Also, such a vision can promise that some enemy of your family will stop doing mean things to you and will finally calm down.

And if the sleeper observes in a dream the approach of a snake crawling towards him, he must prepare for the imminent identification of the enemy. Someone will be able to bravely oppose the dreamer. A poisonous individual is a sign that you will most likely be defeated by an enemy. A non-venomous snake promises victory over a spiteful critic. This enemy is insignificant against the sleeping person and will not be able to defeat him.

The snake attacked and bit the dreamer - a very vile betrayal on the part of an insidious person. Very soon you will be able to understand how naive you were and how in vain you trusted the one you considered a faithful comrade-in-arms and friend, for whom you yourself were ready to go through thick and thin. Most likely, it will become clear that this individual has long been plotting intrigues and obstacles to all your affairs.

Interpreter Tsvetkova

According to this dream book, if a snake eats a snake, the dream speaks of an imminent solution to important problems. The dreamer is given a warning that a chain of certain actions will be saving for him. A domino effect will occur in which one event will lead to the next. All these events are good because they will bring the sleeper closer to achieving his goal.

Attacking snakes in a dream symbolize betrayal by people close to you. Perhaps one of your relatives will do a vile act towards you. Also, a loved one may be a carrier of gossip about you and your family.

Modern dream book

What do dreams about snakes mean according to this interpreter? The dream book speaks very unflatteringly about a black snake. Appearing in your dream, it warns of the use of secret knowledge against you. Most likely, you have been seriously damaged, which can only be removed by a professional sorcerer (or sorceress).

However, as the dream book reassures, a black snake can visit you in your night dreams on the eve of long trips. If this is what happened, then an unpleasant event will happen on the road. The degree of trouble can vary: from a slight annoying misunderstanding to quite serious consequences.

Running from a snake in a dream - in real life you are surrounded by dishonest people posing as loyal friends. To understand which of these people is not very honest with you, you need to carefully monitor those who are nearby.

Kill a snake according to the dream book

Surely after a dream in which you defeated a dangerous cobra or viper, you feel like a hero. However, you leaf through the dream book with caution: what if the dream warns you of a real danger in the future? Why do you dream of defeating a poisonous reptile?

This is one of the most ambiguous dreams, and it is interpreted not in general, but based on the totality of details. Before the dream is forgotten, try to remember (and write down, just in case) everything you saw. After that, you can read the interpretations below.

A snake in a dream is a rather significant symbol that contains many meanings, so killing a snake in a dream is interpreted very ambiguously by many dream books. To understand what this dream is about, you should remember in detail the plot and accompanying small details of the vision.

According to the Bible, this reptile is a symbol of temptation. In ancient Greek mythology, two asps adorned the staff of Hermes, who was the god of trickery, trade, and magic. The staff was used to awaken or, conversely, to put people to sleep.

According to Miller's dream book, killing a snake is a harbinger, interpreting that the dreamer will soon have to face a difficult situation, which can only be overcome with the help of uncompromising determination and firmness, which will force those around him to take into account the opinion of the sleeping person.

Killing a snake in a dream is interpreted by Vanga’s dream book as global positive changes in the world (state), which will improve people’s health and raise the morale of society.

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Freud's dream book correlates a snake with the reproductive organ, so a vision in which a married man happened to kill a creeping reptile indicates that he did not give in to the temptation to have sexual relations on the side and remained faithful to his wife.

In the dream book of Nostradamus, this amphibian is a symbol of the Fall. Killing a serpent in a dream is interpreted as an opportunity to avoid sin and remain true to oneself.

For sick people, this dream portends recovery. For those who have long been fighting for primacy in a team or for the right to occupy a high position, the dream book promises the fulfillment of what they want.

The final deliverance from a rival, who for a long time poisoned the life of the young lady, becoming a serious obstacle in the relationship with her chosen one, this is what a married woman dreams of killing a snake in a dream.

For a young girl, such an image means victory for primacy in the heart of the young man she liked.

To understand why you dream of killing a snake, you need to remember what the death of the hissing one was like.

Killing a reptile with a knife indicates that during a skirmish with the enemy, innocent people may suffer. The dreamer should mentally prepare for the fact that others will blame him for their failures and problems.

The easy overthrow of the enemy, the dreamer’s peremptory victory in a difficult struggle, this is what one dreams of shooting a snake in a dream. Also, such a vision may indicate an unequal skirmish between the dreamer and the enemy.

Killing a snake by strangling it in a dream indicates that in real life a person has a strong enemy who should be feared and should never be underestimated. A big and grueling war is coming, and only with maximum effort and diligence can you overcome the enemy.

Cutting off the head of an asp in a dream is interpreted by the dream book as an opportunity to overcome one’s fears and emotions, which will become the reason for prosperity in the future. This picture is also interpreted as the ability to resist one’s base feelings and desires, spiritual resistance to evil and negativity.

This is not nonsense, it's all true!

Yes, especially the last spelling. Indeed, I am trying to overcome fears and move to a new level in life through prayer and fasting... so all sorts of entities creep in.

I completely agree with you. This is all true.

I believe in dream books, and so far they have only revealed the truth to me, I constantly read dreams in dream books, and there has never been an error.

I dreamed about a lot of snakes, and I hid from them, what is this, why am I dreaming? Are snakes for good or vice versa?

I dreamed that I and my supposed acquaintances burned a snake in the stove.

And I dreamed that I tore it apart with my hands. She wrapped it around her hands and tore it... ugh. Creepy. What could this mean?

Hello, I also dreamed that something similar happened, but I didn’t wrap the snake in my arms, but simply tore it into 3 parts and the back part kept trying to sting me, as if there was a sting in the tail like a scorpion, so I first of all tore off the head and tail part, but that’s all just like a worm, she tried to bite me with the back of my head...

And I dreamed: I killed a female snake by overturning a huge cabinet on it, which wanted to kill me. And there was also a male snake, some man killed him, thereby saving me.

I believe I constantly have prophetic dreams! Listen to yourself! During the day they didn’t notice, at night the dreams will tell you everything, give you hints, warn you! The human brain is not fully understood, so analyze your dreams.

I dreamed that I was going to a club with a snake around my neck to show how tough I am, but when entering the club I stepped on some kind of chain that was strangling my snake and it was dying, what does this mean?

I killed a bunch of snakes with improvised means, I remember a chair. At first I hid from them, afraid of being bitten on my leg, but then I found shoes and a chair.

The snake is your enemy. If you killed the snake, then you got rid of the enemy.

I agree with you Lika! Well done!

And I chopped off their heads with a shovel, and there were a lot of them! And in the same dream I dreamed that demons and angels were flying in the sky in one flock, I read the Our Father, and they disappeared. A terrible dream.

I dreamed that I first ran away from a snake and then killed it with a knife. And now I don’t know whether to believe the dream book or not.

I dreamed that I was cutting off the heads of cobras with a knife, there were a lot of them, why is this?

Strange. I dreamed that a python was swimming in the water behind a girl, I deliberately attracted attention to myself in order to save her and cut the snake into pieces.

I had a dream that I was constantly killing a snake.

In a dream, I wove a belt from a snake, wove it to my head, and the snake bit me on my right hand until it bled. It seems like my husband is sitting next to me and says that it’s not scary, it’s not dangerous. And then I crushed her head with something like an ice pick. What does it mean? The dream doesn't leave my head all day.

I dreamed that I kept a hamster and a small snake in a cage at home. But suddenly she grew and I was frightened and threw her out of the window and saw how she was smeared on the asphalt.

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I dreamed of a huge scary spectacled cobra. But instead of killing her, I cut off her teeth, with which she usually stings to death. What does this game mean?

And I dreamed that in a dream I was sleeping and when I woke up, I saw a lot of small snakes in my room everywhere except the bed, and a huge snake crawled out of the bed, it began to crawl from the bed to the other wall throughout the room and then only I started to crawl, but the guy sitting at the computer said: you’ve already fucked me and killed her with your foot. And he threw him out the door, and the little snakes continued to climb without touching me or him.

I dreamed of many snakes, I chopped them with a shovel, they didn’t rush at me, but tried to hide or crawl away, I killed everyone.

Good morning, I had such a dream, I’m in the garden (vegetable garden), and there are a lot of snakes there, and I kill them with a shovel, well, I killed about 3-4 snakes, why this dream?

And I dreamed that I took a fork and cut a snake with a knife just like meat, but even with the cut off head I tried to bite! What is this for?

I dreamed of many small snakes, I ran away and hid, but then a white cobra stood up behind me and tried to sting, but I ran away again and locked myself in the room, sat for a while, and a large anaconda appeared in front of me, but first I strangled it, then tore off its head . And I started showing off and laughing, the fear literally evaporated and I woke up. I don’t know how to evaluate such a dream.

I was walking along the shore in a dream, and I saw a snake swimming away (I was never afraid of snakes). A little further along the shore I see a girl who begins to undress, and I went ankle-deep into the water, and then I realized that a snake was attacking me, I tried to fight it off with my hand, but it grabbed onto my hand and wrapped it around my hand.

If you dreamed that you were strangling a snake, you should be careful and attentive. Problems can arise from several sides.

Possible deterioration in health and danger from law enforcement agencies. A snake strangled another - news of a serious illness of a relative.

Catching a snake is regarded by the dream book as achieving spiritual harmony. Faith in your own strength will return to you, new horizons and prospects will open up.

A trusted person will protect you. Don’t forget to repay him in kind, thank him for his help and support.

According to Freud's dream book, the anaconda is the personification of sexuality and femininity. If a woman happened to strangle a snake with her hands in a dream, this means adventures of a sexual nature. The dreamer behaves liberated and unbridled in bed, which extremely excites her many partners.

For a man, a dream about a strangled viper promises a meeting with a representative of the opposite sex, who will turn out to be an insidious seductress. In some cases, the snake can symbolize the forbidden fruit, which is so sweet and attractive that the sleeping person is unable to refuse it.

Gypsy interpreter

According to this dream book, seeing a snake in your dreams, especially a poisonous and hissing one, may indicate that you are not very aware of your surroundings. The person whom you consider a vile traitor and an enemy messenger is actually your friend. It helps the dreamer even when the sleeper is unaware of it.

When a snake eats a snake, the dream book promises liberation from the enemy with the help of a secret friend and patron.

A white snake in a dream warns of an imminent improvement in the financial side of life. It may speak of the unprecedented luck of the sleeper, which is about to begin to haunt him.

Some dream books praise snakes. For example, Freud suggested that the snake is a symbol of power. Accordingly, a dream in which this symbol is present promises a quick promotion. This is especially likely if the dreamer was stroking the snake while holding it on his lap or in his arms.

Why do you dream about murder in a dream with a knife or shovel?

The details of the dream can be not only the emotional background, but also improvised things, such as a shovel or knife. If a person remains with a keen sense of the experienced feelings after a vision, then its interpretation will be the most clear.

  • Killing a snake with a knife is a close, risky contact with the problem that has arisen, from which the dreamer will emerge victorious.

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A knife from a dream has the meaning of a tool that is the most painful for both the dreamer himself and those around him: for example, for some it is money, for others it is help, for others it is something else. The sharper the instrument is for a person, the more clearly he will remember it.

  • Killing a snake with a shovel means avoiding danger without making much effort.

It will not be too significant for the dreamer, but still quite serious. More likely, the dreamer will solve the problem with the help of connections or some kind of power.

Killing a snake with a shovel means avoiding danger without making much effort

The emotional background of a dream will accurately assess the degree of threat aimed at what the dreamer really values.


The dream book says that if a reptile wraps itself around a person’s neck in his own dream, then he is in danger. Life is at risk, as is health.

Small snakes can usually dream of all sorts of troubles.

A stinging reptile, according to Nostradamus, means that a scandal awaits you. A quarrel can happen within the family or within your community.

Other versions

It is impossible to correctly interpret a dream without taking into account additional information from the night’s plot, so you should pay attention to the color and size:

  • Red - you need to be careful, especially in transport and on the street, someone will try to rob the dreamer.
  • Blue - for a pleasant pastime.
  • Poisonous - to treason.
  • A fat, big woman in a dream promises heart troubles, joy or a new acquaintance.
  • Small - to possible conflicts in the family or at work, but there is no need to worry, as the troubles will quickly end.
  • If you dreamed of dead reptiles and the weather in the dream was rainy or snowing, it means that in reality the dreamer will face mental torment.

To understand why you dream of a snake in a bed and whether you should be afraid of troubles in reality, you should also take into account the actions. Running away from a viper means that the dreamer is trying to avoid serious trouble in reality.

If you dream about a reptile lying on your neck and strangling you, it means that in reality you should pay attention to your health. Crush in bed - to get a promotion at work.

The snake is playing and does not pose any threat, which means that in reality a change of sexual partner awaits.

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