Where to begin?

The dream book recommends starting the interpretation of a dream with the interpretation of the main object. After all, dirt in a dream only enhances the main meaning.

So to see a crooked and winding road means that the wrong life position can lead to the very bottom. I dreamed of a smooth, albeit dirty road - the chosen path is the right one, but there are many trials to go through.

  • Desert symbolizes loneliness.
  • Paved with cobblestones is a dishonorable act.
  • Asphalted - an unsuccessful deal.
  • Country road - you have to rely only on yourself.
  • To lay it yourself - confidence and strong character will help in the fight against adversity.
  • Unfamiliar - a meeting that promises danger.
  • Railroad is an unpleasant journey.

It'll all be over soon...

Why do you dream that the road forks? The dream book is sure that you have to make an extremely difficult choice, the correctness of which will determine your entire future existence.

Did you dream about a crossroads? You will have to face other people's interests or opinions, which is fraught with serious conflict.

If a dirty road in a dream takes you to a beautiful place, then the trials will soon end and a prosperous period will begin.

We won’t hit our faces in the dirt

In some sources, mud is a symbol of the receptive earth, saturated with fertile waters, the source of a fertile harvest, the growth of tiny seeds and plants. Therefore, for the dreamer, such a dream can mean wealth, prosperity and addition to the family, career growth, and personal development.

After such a dream, it is possible to experience unprecedented energy and strength, which will contribute to vigorous activity and general activity.

But not all plants will be able to germinate in such conditions, and not every sleeping person will bring a positive interpretation of dirt. In addition, dirt can mean the primitiveness and degradation of a person who loses the ability to regenerate.

Therefore, awaiting a more accurate interpretation, you need to remember and consider all the details of night vision.

If an unmarried person slips on her heels and falls into the mud, in reality there is a high probability of instantly, with one frivolous act, ruining her reputation and losing the trust of her groom.

Trying to pick clay from your shoes with clean fingers means experiencing the persistent advances of an annoying suitor. Perhaps you will like his attentions when you learn about his high income and serious intentions towards you.

Someone poured slop at your feet - in reality you will experience attacks and threats from the one who envy you and is jealous of your chosen one. Wisdom and intuition will help you avoid bad incidents.

What else can portend mud on your feet:

  • If it sticks to your shoes and doesn’t lag behind, beware of traumatic situations that could result in a serious illness. An instant incident will lead to consequences that change not only your life, but also those close to you;
  • If you wash your hands and feet clean, in reality you may miss a rare opportunity that promises wealth, success and prosperity;
  • You have lost something and are trying to find it - you are uselessly dreaming about something that is not destined to come true. Don't waste time opening a lock you don't have the keys to. It is more useful to deal with current plans and affairs.
  • You don’t try to clean up the consequences of the slush - in real life you trust chance and fate, which deigns to give you a gift in the form of a decent job or a new place of residence in a prestigious area;
  • Throwing mud at barking dogs means coping with a difficult situation and standing up for your rights with dignity. Your strength of character, courage and assertiveness will be highly appreciated by others and will bring a share of success and popularity into your life.

The dirt has eaten into your feet, and you can’t wash it away with anything - you are tormented by pangs of conscience from the things you have done, for which you are now ashamed. But there is an option that you are simply afraid of the publicity of the truth about you that may be revealed.


We suggest you familiarize yourself with why a girl, a pregnant woman or a man dreams of tangerines (one, many), the meaning of actions in a dream (buying fruit, peeling)

If you dreamed about filling up puddles of sand and gravel on the road, this is a good sign; you will be able to calculate and think through everything in order to avoid mistakes and further adverse consequences.

A business person sees a swamp - it is worth gaining patience and ideas to overcome the financial crisis. Adversity can occur as a result of natural disasters or a shift in power.

Why else do you dream of dirt under your feet:

  • If you get on your shoes, there is a risk of poor health;
  • On clothes - take a closer look at your surroundings, among them there is someone who can seriously harm you;
  • Slipping and swimming in it is a sign of success in business and personal life;
  • If you are too stuck and cannot get out, a period of sadness and melancholy can lead to prolonged depression. You should look at the world more optimistically and be more positive.
  • To see it in your own home - somewhere you overlooked and missed the situation in the family, which had become very complex and neglected. If you don't seriously talk to your household, you can forever lose trust and good relationships;
  • Walking along the road in the slush, getting your light-colored shoes dirty, means you are likely to lose friends through your own fault.

Sigmund Freud

Dirt represents addictions and diseases of the intimate sphere. Getting out of the zone where the slurry drags in means to come to your senses in time and avoid lust and filth. Such dreams come to those who do not neglect promiscuous sexual intercourse. Taking care of your health was not part of your plans until a certain point. But now is the time to see a doctor and start treatment.

Gustov Miller

The interpretation does not promise to be positive for the sleeper. Walking through mud means experiencing quarrels and conflicts with loved ones, in which the dreamer will be the direct instigator and provocateur.

Seeing someone stomping through muddy puddles means being the object of rumors, slander from your colleagues and close friends.

For those who have their own farmstead, this is a sign of financial losses and loss of harvest. But for those who trample wet clay in a dream, having nothing to do with agriculture, on the contrary, victory over competitors and material wealth awaits them.

Splashes from boots stain your clothes - someone will try to attack your reputation and authority. If you dream about trying to clean stains, there will be options to avoid unpleasant situations and the traps of your enemies.


It foretells both positive and negative aspects of such a scenario. But in general, this promises wealth, an abundance of events and discussion of those people who participate in these events.

Complete dirt - in reality you will become a participant in difficult times. Troubles can strike when you are most vulnerable and weak. Trying to find a way out of this situation will only waste your last efforts and resources.

I dreamed of children in unclean clothes stomping through puddles - to take care of the issues of moving the family from an environmentally hazardous place of residence to a favorable environment, closer to nature.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with what money dreams about according to the dream books of Miller, Vanga, and Aesop.

Trying to wash your hands means experiencing euphoria from large fees and collapsed material wealth. Fortune will accompany you for some time, take this opportunity to provide for your loved ones and yourself.

If you stepped in the mud on purpose - you will succumb to temporary weaknesses and bad habits, thereby causing a flurry of gossip and condemnation against you.

Accidentally falling and getting dirty up to your ears - your frivolous actions and rash actions will lead to a protracted conflict with loved ones.

Trying to clean your shoes - there will be a chance to avoid hostility and alienation. You should be more restrained, patient and tolerant of people. Do not succumb to provocation or being drawn into conflict.

You can do it!

If you dreamed that you happened to be walking through the mud with someone or even in company, then despite all the ups and downs of life you will be incredibly lucky.

Did you happen to see others wandering through the mud in a dream? In reality, gossip and evil rumors threaten. For a farmer, such a dream is a sign of crop failure.

Walking through pollution and feeling a sense of doom means a sad family life. If, on the contrary, you experienced positive emotions, then the dream book is confident that you will cope with any trouble.

Dream details

Night dreams in which a puddle appears are explained by discontent and internal fears. This is often a call for caution. If the sleeping person unexpectedly finds himself in the water, it means that not everything in his life is as smooth as he convinces himself of it. Often dreams deliberately warn of impending changes in life, which makes it possible to prepare and repel the blows of fate or enjoy triumph. In this sense, the puddle is a hint from fate that one should not take life situations too seriously.

The tendency to take everything to heart affects your well-being and mood, and can lead to long-term illnesses.

The dreamer should approach life situations with humor and a smile; it will be easier to experience difficulties.

When interpreting a dream, you should pay attention to the purity of the liquid and the size of the puddle:

  • clear water is a sign of imminent troubles from which you can get out;
  • dirty muddy slurry is a reminder that the dreamer’s reputation is far from impeccable;
  • a large area is a harbinger of reward for work; a bonus or promotion is possible.

Clean and dirty water

A transparent puddle encountered on the roads of the country of Morpheus foretells gossip behind a young woman or girl’s back. They are completely harmless and unfounded. However, if the young lady gets her feet wet, there is a risk that in life she will react sharply to rumors and false slander addressed to her. The best thing to do is to wave your hand and not pay attention. Evil tongues themselves will eventually stop exuding negativity.

The dream book of Simon Canonite interprets clear water in a puddle as a sign of imminent profit . Spanking on it is a sign of joy. An alternative modern opinion views the object as a signal that one will have to pay for one’s current well-being in tears.

A muddy and dirty tank in the middle of the road is a harbinger of imminent troubles, the triumph of ill-wishers, and failures in life. If the dreamer walks on such water and cannot find access to land, then he risks getting confused in business and finding himself without support. He will have no one to blame for his failures, because he himself allowed the emergence of delays in life and the negative development of the situation.

If you managed to bypass the object in the dream, this is a good sign. The series of failures will soon end, life will provide many opportunities and reasons for joy. Stepping into muddy deep water is a bad sign.

It is important to learn to control your words and actions, otherwise serious consequences cannot be avoided.

Wander through puddles and fall into them

Falling into water should be interpreted taking into account the circumstances of the dream. If you can’t get up for a long time, and your clothes are soaked in dirty slurry, the dream foreshadows similar circumstances in reality. A person risks losing touch with reality and causing evil ridicule with his behavior. Clean water makes a difference. Falling into a puddle with transparent content means that in life there will be a reason to laugh at yourself and adjust something in your behavior, to become better.

When the space around you is filled with rain and there are continuous puddles under your feet, you should prepare for the fact that you will have to resist the entire environment. They will not want to understand and accept his beliefs or messages. However, it will still be possible to prove that he is right.

Walking or running through puddles on the street is a signal that you will need to correct life’s mistakes. Clean and warm water in them predicts support from others or strangers. For example, a new acquaintance can save a girl’s reputation from slander. Or the boss’s anger can be extinguished with the help of a colleague who can convey to management the circumstances from the life of the sleeping person.

If the rain filled the ditch with water and the dreamer stepped into it, it means that he will soon witness a scandal. When you manage to step over and not get your feet wet, the person will avoid unpleasant showdowns. Running through puddles after rain under a rainbow means finding happiness after serious troubles.

Float above the surface

Flights over puddles of water are often dreams of impressionable people. This is a good sign, confirming protection from troubles and troubles. You should leave aside worries and thoughts about persecuting ill-wishers. You can simply enjoy life and do what you want within the limits of what is permitted by society. To be able to walk over dirty water without getting your feet wet means to commit an act that will command respect from people. Soaring above the surface is a warning that you should not listen to other people’s conversations and opinions.

If the dreamer has to deal with puddles - sweep them away, pump them out of his yard, he should prepare for positive changes in family life. The dream promises a girl an acquaintance with a promising groom.

A woman receives respect and love from her other half. A man can count on the favor of the object of passion. An elderly person can expect improved health.

Difficulties at work

The dream book is sure that even a dirty road and slush itself is a serious symbol. To accidentally get into it means rumors and speculation, the cause of which will be your behavior.

Seeing slush in a dream and wandering through it means losing the trust of your superiors. Watching others get into the slush means conflict with colleagues.

Meaning for a man

If a man dreams of dirt under his feet on the road, problems are brewing in the family, and a conflict with his significant other is possible. Walking along the road in dirty boots means ill-wishers are plotting behind your back. You should be careful and not act rashly.

What does the dream of a pomegranate portend?

A man sees himself falling flat on his face - this dream symbolizes a move or other favorable changes in life. Falling into a hole on the road and getting out of it safely means overcoming all difficulties.

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