Dream Interpretation from Wednesday to Thursday - guy, man: the meaning of the dream. Why does a guy or a man dream from Wednesday to Thursday? What does it mean if you dreamed about an acquaintance or a stranger, an ex, a beloved guy, a man, a person?

People in a dream are a reflection of real-life relationships between the dreamer and others. A girl in a dream symbolizes luck or surprise, or perhaps a search for forbidden pleasures.

If you dream of a guy, for a girl this means a love relationship either with a real person, or with someone whom the dreamer would like to meet.

For a man, another man can be both a friend and a competitor, respectively, and a dream can mean both friendship and enmity, depending on the quality in which the guy was dreamed.

What does it mean?

Typically, dreams from Wednesday to Thursday reflect the dreamer's social relationships . They may relate to the business sphere: business, work, additional income, they may be related to studies or relationships in the company of friends, sports buddies, and so on.

It is believed that such dreams mean very little and portend minor changes in life, although sometimes there are exceptions.

A person has several dreams during the night, some of which he remembers, others he doesn’t. And the time at which a person saw his dream is no less important than the content.

I dreamed about a guy

A guy who dreams of a girl from Wednesday to Thursday can have many different interpretations:

  • If the guy is familiar , this may mean news about him.
  • He may also suggest meeting.
  • Such a dream may mean that the above guy thinks about you all the time.
  • your beloved guy when he has a need to talk seriously about something.

If you dream of an unfamiliar guy , the meaning depends on the context. Drunk means problems. Beautiful - pleasant surprises. Cute means there is a lack of romance in life. If he takes you by the hand , someone wants to establish a close relationship with you. If he gives flowers, it is a sudden manifestation of sympathy on someone’s part. If you run away from a guy and are afraid of him, this means that you have a fear of men in general. Here the help of a psychologist is often needed, because subconscious fears can develop into phobias over time and poison your whole life. If the guy was armed with a bladed weapon (knife, dagger, sword) - this means impending betrayal directed against you and your loved ones.

Interpretation of details

If you dreamed of a stranger. A stranger is the personification of your inner qualities. It is necessary to analyze these qualities and calculate which of them contribute and which hinder career growth. The more attractive a stranger seems to you, the closer you are to the truth. And those qualities that you didn’t like in him are a springboard for working on yourself.

This person's excess weight promises financial well-being.

If you dreamed about a relative. Seeing a relative means imitating him. This may be expressed in the choice of profession or in some character traits. The type of his activity also affects the meaning:

  • Painstaking work - increase your attentiveness and be vigilant.
  • Creative activity - it is recommended to look at circumstances from a different angle.
  • An unusual activity - try to reproduce the same thing in real life.

If you dreamed about a guy. A guy he knows foreshadows news about him, and he thinks about you.

A beloved guy promises a conversation with him.

Strange guy has different meanings, depending on what details were present:

  • handsome - to positive sudden news;
  • drunk - to problems;
  • a guy with a weapon - to betrayal;
  • a handsome, well-groomed guy notes the lack of romance in your life;
  • a guy gives flowers - someone sympathizes with you;
  • a guy is chasing you - fear towards men.

If you dreamed about a girl. This is a symbol of pleasant surprise, success and good luck.

For a man, a dream about a beautiful girl can mean quick waste of money.

An unkempt and unhealthy-looking girl does not promise anything positive; illness is possible in the family.

Dancing girl - for love.

If you dreamed about a group of people. Several “main characters” in a dream on this day mean a secondary career at the present moment. Therefore, a “lull” in this area is expected.

Sleep occupies a fairly large part in our lives, and dreams are an integral part of a night's rest. Dreams that occurred on the night from Wednesday to Thursday can be expressive and memorable, or they can have a monotonous, monotonous plot, but they are united by a low probability of fulfillment. It is best to rely on your own thoughts rather than blindly trust interpretations.

To understand the true meaning of a dream, you need to remember the overall picture. Concentrate on those moments that underlie the dream. The details will come back to life on their own.


The planet Jupiter is distinguished by its enormous size and powerful energy. Due to such characteristics of the celestial body, dreams from Wednesday to Thursday turn out to be super-emotional and vivid. Do not be surprised if you experience extraordinary joy or delight in a dream. This means that your vitality is in full swing. And that's great. There is reason to rejoice!

The most important thing is not to forget about this advantage. Channel your energy in the right direction. Set goals, achieve them. Help the people around you. Remember who appeared in the dream with you. Perhaps these are the people who need support. There is a second interpretation: these people will help you in a difficult situation.

As for negative emotions in a dream, you should not take them to heart. They do not foretell anything catastrophic or terrible. You may dream of a conflict, a stormy scandal, or even a fight with your opponent. What could this mean? Probably, negative energy prevails inside you, which finds a way out through sleep.

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To make sure everything happens this way, try not to get angry with people on Thursday. Overcome yourself, even if it is very difficult to do so. Let off steam in a different way without sacrificing those around you. And soon you will notice how right the choice was. A bad mood is a temporary phenomenon. And this is not a reason to spoil relationships with people. Try to remain friendly or neutral.

Relationships and love

If someone expresses love to you in a dream, it means that you should pay attention to the person who has tender feelings for you. Perhaps you refused to notice it and ignored it for a long time. Change your behavior. This will make him very happy.

If you haven't told your other half about your feelings yet, then now is the best time to confess. It is a dream that signals this readiness. It's time to talk frankly and show your chosen one your sincerity.

Kissing a beloved man in a dream means the dreamer blindly trusts him. This can lead to various troubles. Perhaps everything will be limited to a slight disappointment in the second half. Small losses are also possible. The dream does not promise anything global.

A loved one cheated on you in a dream from Wednesday to Thursday - this is a sign of lack of confidence in yourself or your chosen one. In other words, this is a secret fear of losing your other half. What happens in a dream is unlikely to happen again in life. This suggests more that the dreamer has problems with self-esteem. And you need to work on this.

In the same way, romantic dreams rarely come true on the night from Wednesday to Thursday. They are interpreted completely differently. Night dreams of this kind are often associated with pleasant memories from the past.

Don't be surprised if you dream about your ex. This means absolutely nothing. If you see the birth of a new relationship in a dream, you also do not need to rely on a prophecy. Perhaps your personal life will really improve in the near future, but certainly not because of this dream.


As mentioned earlier, dreams from Wednesday to Thursday are associated with professional activities. That's why it's important to remember every nuance you see. He can determine many things.

If you feel uncomfortable in the workplace (everywhere there is darkness and a tense atmosphere), and you want to leave it as soon as possible, the dream warns of possible intrigues in the team. A conspiracy is being prepared behind your back.

Think about the real situation at work. Perhaps you've been working full-time lately. This may cause problems with superiors (including loss of position). Unlike problems with the team, this is entirely your fault. Carry out your direct tasks diligently and with full dedication.

A positive dream about work promises career growth, an unexpected bonus and other pleasant things. You were presented with a gift in a dream - perhaps someone will offer you a new business that is not related to your main job. It can be considered as a good additional income.

You dream about school/university - this is a sign that your knowledge is outdated. If you want to move forward, fill in the gaps and hone your skills. Simply put, don't be satisfied with what you have. At some point, this will begin to slow down career growth.

You rest and enjoy relaxation in your sleep from Wednesday to Thursday - you are tired and need a break. The images in these dreams have no meaning. It doesn’t matter at all who is next to you at this moment. Even if a vacation may not be in your plans, try to rest for at least a few days.

And if you are already planning a trip, such a dream may promise a change in plans. Most likely, your bosses have completely different views on you.

Deceased people

Did you dream about a deceased relative? Such a dream foreshadows possible difficulties in the financial sector. Make any money transactions with caution. Do not invest personal funds in dubious projects. You risk losing everything.

It is also worth listening to the thoughts and advice that a deceased person expresses in a dream. You may be in danger of an accident. But if you remember what was said (or personal ideas about it), you can avoid disaster.

  • A person caught a cold in a dream - there is a high probability that this will come true in reality.
  • Seeing doctors in a dream means it would be a good idea to undergo an examination at a clinic. Also be careful on the street and at home. There may be a risk of injury.
  • Cleaning an apartment in a dream means household chores await you.
  • There is no furniture in the apartment - you suffer from loneliness.
  • There are a lot of strangers in the apartment - this is a good dream. The celebration will take place soon.

The meaning of the dream depends on the circumstances under which the plot developed during your stay in the kingdom of Morpheus. The dream books indicate:

  • if a guy gives you flowers in a dream, expect an invitation from him to visit;
  • smiles: confident in your feelings for him;
  • cries: he wants a heart-to-heart conversation, he is worried about something in the relationship;
  • rejoices: he is faithful to you and does not notice other girls;
  • invites you for a walk: prophetic dream, wait for a date;
  • naked: wants to distance himself a little from you, to be alone with himself.

The environment of events occurring in a dream also matters:

  • in a dream he is with another girl: you should not expect betrayal, such a dream speaks of strong feelings and fear of losing you;
  • you are making love: you should expect an unpleasant conversation;
  • gives a gift: look forward to meeting his parents;
  • quarrel: expect a gift or a pleasant surprise.

There are a lot of popular interpretations of such a dream: whether to believe them is up to you to decide.

Tiny details can turn interpretations from plus to minus. When deciphering, it is necessary to take into account everything that is particularly memorable.

How did you see him?

The interpretation should begin with the most striking characteristic. When you wake up, describe his condition in one word. This term reflects the meaning of the message:

  1. Sad - there will be a reason for pride.
  2. Cheerful - they will punish for mistakes, mistakes, laziness.
  3. Sick, beaten - there is not enough money for something that is not the most important.
  4. Singing - for an entertainment event.
  5. Sleeping - to a calm, balanced state.
  6. A lover will try to talk.
  7. Indifferent - liberation from shame.
  8. Drunk - he has a lot of problems.
  9. Crying - you will be happy about the quick resolution of the problem situation.
  10. Naked - an unpleasant situation, condemnation.
  11. Hungry, asked for food - to need, temporary lack of money.

Sometimes the bright spot of a dream is the action of the ex or the dreamer. It is also desirable to explain it and recognize it.

Young man

Youth is a wonderful time. There is still a lot of energy, and there are already many possibilities. But seeing a young guy in a dream is not always lucky. For example, Miller’s dream book states that young people dream that they will have to resolve conflicts. Since sleep occurs at a time associated with business activity, conflicts are likely to be on business.

Also, a young man in a dream means planning new enterprises . We need to take advantage of this time and the chance provided by fate.

Why do you dream about your ex-boyfriend from Wednesday to Thursday?

Every day of the week is under the protection of a planet. Thursday is ruled by Jupiter. This is a complex and serious ruler. Responsible for human destinies, determines the main priorities. There is no use arguing with him. Therefore, a dream about the past is necessarily symbolic.

A dull, heavy dream reveals a problematic part of the subconscious. The ex-boyfriend in him is a reflection of painful doubts, insecurities, and complexes. This man was dear to the dreamer and shared grief and happiness. The breakup affected the girl negatively. It is necessary to let light into the soul, to cleanse yourself of painful memories.

Some plots are not related to the love sphere. The image of an ex-boyfriend symbolizes financial difficulties, the inability to receive support, and the defenselessness of the sleeping woman.

Miller's Dream Book

The psychologist gives interpretations consistent with the sphere of Jupiter. A former lover warns against making poor money decisions. Scenario features according to Gustav Miller:

  1. Running after an abandoned lover - expenses will increase, which can lead to poverty.
  2. They saw him on the street, indoors, but did not make contact - demotion due to slander and intrigue. The salary will also decrease.
  3. Ex-wife's wedding - current sponsor will refuse financing. Your partner is probably a greedy person.
  4. Asks for food - a bad situation at work threatens business reputation.
  5. Introduced him to his mom and dad - you will suffer due to violation of the law. There will be an inspection at work that will reveal any flaws. The money will go towards fines.
  6. If you were looking for an ex-milenka, you will borrow for an urgent purchase.

Vanga's collection

The seer analyzed the image of the retired lover in some detail. Such a symbol says a lot to a knowledgeable specialist. Namely:

  1. I wrote a letter (nowadays this includes SMS, posts on social networks, instant messengers) - to clarify the relationship with my husband, my beloved. For single people - a quarrel with mom.
  2. He invited him to visit, they went to his house - they would be happy about some event within a week.
  3. If you dreamed about being wounded, it means there won’t be enough money. There is strong grief in the blood.
  4. He was thin and unshaven - to injury. Be careful with sharp objects.
  5. Met me from work - trouble.
  6. Smiled, laughed - to a humiliating scolding from the boss.
  7. He seemed upset - they would ask for a loan and would not pay it back.
  8. Offended - someone is jealous of your wealth.
  9. Very full, even thick - profit, gain.
  10. We collided, but he didn’t pay attention, he walked by - loneliness, defenselessness.
  11. Drunk or very intoxicated - gossip will upset you.
  12. He says that he misses him - he has been in love with someone else for a long time. I forgot about you.
  13. He suffers - there is a rush at work.
  14. Invites you to dance - to an unpleasant business trip or trip.
  15. Swears, shouts, calls names, insults - you will go into society. Have fun.
  16. He demands his things, packs his suitcase - to the betrayal of his soulmate.
  17. Calling for marriage, wooing - a clash with a swindler, a liar.
  18. He gives the keys to the apartment to a girl - he has huge problems with debts.
  19. Flirts with others - get money. He pesters girls - ask for a raise. Management will approve.
  20. He hit, sent - he suffers terribly, wants to return.
  21. Saved from danger - forgotten debts will be paid off.
  22. Chases, pursues, grabs hands - spend money on resolving family problems.
  23. Repulsive - give a small amount to charity.
  24. Threatens - meet a guy who will become your soul mate.
  25. Reproaches - to a gift, a small offering.
  26. Helps - elevation in society.
  27. Cheating - you are ready for new love.

Islamic dream book

A strange vision of a former and current boyfriend interacting nicely should cause alarm. Comparing guys is an indicator of a lack of sincere love. Probably, the sleeping woman entered into a relationship for selfish reasons.

Storylines in Islam are interpreted as follows:

  1. He said that he wants to return, to make peace - quarrel with your lover.
  2. Forgave - you will receive a rich gift.
  3. If you saw him dead, a close relative will recover.
  4. He takes your hand, gently strokes your palms - all worries will soon go away.
  5. Eating in a restaurant with another girl is a vain worry, unreasonable jealousy.
  6. We took a bath together, washed ourselves - gossipers would annoy us.
  7. Invited on a date - you want to change your image. It is high time.
  8. If you lay in bed and have sex, you will get sick.
  9. If you saw him prancing on a horse, your husband/lover will be promoted, his income will increase.
  10. Whether he bit you or he bit you, spend money on entertainment.
  11. Knocking on doors is important news.
  12. If you dreamed of being ragged, unshaven, drunk - you will receive news about his troubles. The guy needs help.

Tsvetkov's opinion

A married dreamer needs to take care of the family budget and learn basic accounting. If income is less than expenses, then the family will be mired in debt. This circumstance does not contribute to strengthening the partnership. My husband goes on a walk to relax.

An unmarried woman should think about the future. Is there a real betrothed nearby or does he still need to be found? This is what the prophetic dream suggests. The options are:

  1. If you saw an ex-boyfriend in the role of a rapist, hold on to your loved one. If you are still single, then do not get involved with men you don’t know well.
  2. An angry one appears - to a profitable acquaintance.
  3. Chasing you, running, catching up - to a difficult conversation about relationships.
  4. Accidentally bumped into each other and said hello in a dream - joy; he turned away without greeting - sadness.
  5. Introduces parents - an offer to take a new position.
  6. He presented flowers - he misses, cannot forget.
  7. Silently, looking straight into the eyes - there will be a meeting.
  8. Called me a bad word after sex - there’s a scammer nearby. He will drag you into a scam.
  9. Rejected the offer of reconciliation - happy. Don't think about him.

A dream about your ex-darling signals your readiness to get into a new romance. And soon an acceptable candidate will appear nearby. Keep your eyes open. Don't miss out on a reliable, kind guy.

Hasse's collection explains some scenarios:

  1. Getting pregnant in a dream from a former lover means a wedding.
  2. Having a baby boy means getting a lucrative job; girl - amazement at the proposed salary.
  3. Going to the funeral of a boy who is now alive means resumption of communication.
  4. The dead were seen alive - a happy turn in the personal.
  5. Agreeing to his request to get together means trouble because of your kind attitude towards people. Someone is shamelessly using your money.

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Now let's figure out what it means if a person dreams from Wednesday to Thursday:

  • Seeing a friend, boyfriend, girlfriend in a dream means doing something together with this person;
  • If you dream of a relative in a positive way, this means the success of this person in real life;
  • If the dream about a relative is negative, it means possible difficult times in the life of the dreamed person;
  • If you are looking at a portrait (photo) of a relative, in reality you should do the same thing that the relative depicted in the portrait was doing or is doing. Such a dream promises great success and revenue when changing your occupation.

Seeing a deceased relative on the night from Wednesday to Thursday indicates, first of all, the activities of this person, especially if he was doing this in your vision. That is, it is recommended to take a closer look at what he did; this topic will probably be very close to you.

  • Seeing a deceased person alive in a dream from Wednesday to Thursday means unexpected good news, a change in the decision on some matter in your favor, a happy occasion;
  • Receiving advice in a dream from a person who has already died is also considered a happy sign; you should listen carefully and remember the advice received; it is very possible that it will turn out to be extremely significant, especially if the person had a good relationship with you during his lifetime.
  • A stranger in a dream is a reflection of your inner qualities. Perhaps some of his qualities interfere with your work. This tip suggests that you need to work on yourself to make your career more successful.
  • If you dreamed of a relative, it means that some of his traits are close to you. Remember what he did. You may need to rethink your behavior or attitude towards work.
  • If you dreamed of a familiar person whom you have not seen for a long time, expect to hear from him soon.
  • A dream in which a large number of acquaintances and strangers participate means that you do not put your career in first place.
  • Dead people who come in a dream, especially relatives, are trying to warn you about the danger that awaits you; be very attentive to such dreams.
  • If you dreamed of a guy who is in love with you, it means that he is thinking about you and is looking for a meeting.
  • Subconscious fears result in a dream in which you are running away from a guy.
  • A wedding in a dream does not always lead to a crown in reality.
  • Passionate kisses with a guy in a dream - you are waiting for romance.
  • A young man who sees a guy he knows in a dream hopes for his help in reality.
  • If in a dream a guy does not look you in the eyes, in reality he is hiding something from you.
  • Looking for a guy in dreams suggests that you are not ready for a serious romance, you are attracted to short-term relationships.
  • Serious problems await you in life if you dream of a sad guy.
  • A married guy dreams - you are unhappy with your family life.
  • If an elderly person dreams of a guy, this means that he lacks a “fresh stream” in life. It's time for change.
  • Perhaps subconsciously you want to return to your old relationship. Let go of your past. Perhaps this dream means a quarrel with your real boyfriend.
  • If in a dream you are in conflict with your ex-lover, expect pleasant surprises in reality.
  • A former young man came to visit you in a dream - he is trying to return to his previous relationship.
  • If your ex-boyfriend hugs you in a dream, it means that the past is of great importance to you.
  • A date with a former lover in a dream predicts a frivolous act for which you will repent.
  • An ex-boyfriend gives you a gift - this indicates imminent changes in life and these changes may not always be associated with a real lover.


Thus, dreams from Wednesday to Thursday are most often prophetic and tend to come true , especially if you saw them in the morning. If the dream came at night, then it will most likely be empty. To increase the likelihood of a dream coming true, you need to remember it well, and if a dream portends something bad, you can reduce the likelihood of it coming true by simply forgetting it.

A person in this dream can mean either a very specific person who has a business or feeling for you, or some event/phenomenon personified in human form.

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