Communication with a stranger

The noble dream book of N. Grishina explains why a foreigner of unknown nationality dreams of some qualities of the sleeping person that make him an outcast in society. Perhaps, in order to overcome the difficulties that have arisen, you need to drop the mask and “come to terms” with your own imperfections.

Pastor Loff's dream book defines why one dreams of talking to a foreigner, a symbolic reflection of the interaction between the dreamer and the people around him. So, speaking in a dream with a foreigner in his language, understanding the opponent, tells the dream book about the dreamer’s high sociability, the ability to find a common language with almost any person.

I dreamed that I had a chance to talk with a foreign guest who caused antipathy, Miller’s dream book prophesies disappointment. The dream of a conflict or dispute with a stranger means that a lack of understanding of any matter can lead to the collapse of the entire enterprise.

Foreign groom

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To teach - you have a real prospect of getting a new position.

Talk - there will be a relationship with a foreigner.

Foreign language teacher - what they tell you in class is Chinese literacy for you.

A strange, inconvenient, awkward situation for the sleeper in the future; unpleasant wait.

Dream Interpretation - Language

One of the famous ancient rulers offered to bring his slave something that was not more beautiful in the world. He brought him the tongue on a golden platter. To his master’s surprised question, he replied that everything beautiful in this world is accomplished with the help of language and with its help is destroyed.

If this image appears in your dream, remember one folk wisdom: “The tongue waters, feeds, and spanks your back.” Or: “The tongue is small, but it controls the whole body.”

Perhaps an unexpected message awaits you or you receive a warning through your dream that someone will try to slander you.

You should also not forget that your excessive talkativeness can cause you a lot of trouble and suffering.

If you saw some ulcers on your tongue in a dream, this means that your excessive talkativeness will have the most unpleasant consequences for you.

Seeing a cut off tongue in a dream is evidence that in reality you will be unpleasantly surprised by the insincerity of your acquaintances or friends.

A dream in which you feel that you have lost your tongue means that a long streak of failures has begun in your life.

Seeing in a dream how someone teases you and sticks out their tongue at you is a sign that they will try to provoke you into an unworthy act.

If in a dream you prepare a tasty and original dish from your tongue, then in reality you will be able to overcome all life’s obstacles.

To see in a dream how someone grabs you by the tongue means that in reality your lie will be exposed.

A dream in which you saw a long tongue symbolizes unexpected news or rumors.

Biting your tongue in a dream is a symbol of the fact that in reality you should trust rumors and other people’s conjectures as little as possible.

Seeing a long, snake-like tongue in a dream means slander and slander, the consequences of which can turn into a serious problem for you.

If in a dream you lick ice cream with your tongue, expect good news in reality.

Feeling a sour or bitter taste on your tongue is a disappointment.

“sharp tongue”, “tongue without bones” (wit, offender).

“long tongue” (talkative person). “Keep your mouth shut”; remain silent; keep a secret.

“lose your tongue, speechless” surprise, fear.

“on the tip of your tongue” is an attempt to remember. “The tongue won’t turn” is the inability to say due to shame, guilt, or a promise to keep a secret. “Bite your tongue”, cut off your speech, there is a danger of letting it slip, getting scared. “Untie your tongue” – the opportunity to speak freely.

“to loosen someone’s tongue” to force someone to be frank and confess. “Tug on the tongue” to force someone to speak. “Well-spoken” – excellent ability to express one’s thoughts, hold a speech, speak (with lectures, reports),

Dream Interpretation - Language

If you bite your tongue, it is swollen and hurts, in reality you may suffer from your own talkativeness. If they stick their tongue out at you, your competitors will beat you. When you dream that your tongue is being cut out (it doesn’t matter to you or someone else), this means that when making some important decision, your opinion will not be taken into account.

Did you have a dream? Dream Interpretation hair falls out in strands

If you dreamed that you bit your tongue, imagine that you rinse your tongue with an infusion of medicinal herbs and the pain quickly goes away, the swelling subsides - and you can speak again. If they showed their tongue to you, imagine that you are responding in the same way, only your tongue is much longer. If your tongue is cut off, imagine that a new one has grown in its place.

Dream Interpretation - Language

Sticking your tongue out is disrespectful.

A short tongue means profit.

Cut off means danger.

To bite your tongue is to have a vain hope for something.

A long or large tongue that does not fit in the mouth is a warning against excessive frankness (just like a wounded one).

In general, seeing your tongue in a dream is a dream that predicts that soon all your friends and acquaintances will turn their backs on you.

Seeing someone's tongue means causing a scandal.

Eating boiled animal tongue means achieving wealth thanks to your education and eloquence.

Dream Interpretation - Language

If you burned your tongue with something hot in a dream, beware of contracting a skin disease in reality. A dream in which someone sticks out their tongue at you means that excessive frankness will serve you badly. A cut tongue is a sign of unforeseen misfortune, the tragic consequences of a natural disaster. Cooking jellied tongue in a dream - expect an invitation to a big celebration with abundant food.

Eating a dish prepared with tongue is a sign of favorable changes in the business sphere.

Dream Interpretation - Language

if someone sees in a dream that his tongue has increased in length or width, then this is an increase in his strength and power and victory over his own enemies, or it is a sign of his eloquence and politeness. Language is still perfection, argument and argument. If the tongue looks excessively long in a dream, then the dreamer is a licentious and shameless person.

If a person wants to speak, but cannot, then in life his words often turn against him. A tongue tied in a dream is evidence of illness and sadness. Losing one’s tongue in a dream means giving something needed to a very arrogant person. Having two languages ​​in a dream means acquiring a lot of knowledge and being able to cope with any adversity.

Dream Interpretation - Language

If you see your own tongue in a dream, know that you can’t count on friends: they can turn away from you in difficult times.

After a dream in which you saw someone's tongue, you can cause a scandal.

If you dreamed that your tongue was injured, know that this is a warning. Stop talking, otherwise you will get into a lot of problems.

If you burned your tongue in a dream - be more careful about what you say about other people.

This probably seems direct or spontaneous to you, but others may have a different reaction. You will simply be accused of spreading gossip, and such a prospect does not bode well.

If you dreamed that you bit your tongue, then one of your friends will reveal to you a secret concerning the personal life of your mutual friend. You will have to decide what to do next with this information.

Why does a woman dream that she is marrying a foreigner? Alas, such a dream predicts only troubles and troubles. But if a handsome stranger only proposed to you in a dream, then in reality you will meet a worthy man who will love you with all his soul and will subsequently become a faithful husband and an excellent father to your common children.

When a young lady dating a foreigner dreams of marrying a citizen of a foreign country, then we can say that this dream is “right.” The dream will come true exactly in reality, and the girl will actually go to a distant country - to her husband’s homeland.

Rejoice, your plans will soon come true

According to the erotic interpreter Danilova, making love in a dream with a foreigner signals the embodiment of the wildest sexual fantasies of a sleeping person. To dream that you managed to explain to a stranger how to get to the hotel predicts a successful resolution of a difficult or conflict situation.

A dream in which the dreamer himself had the opportunity to be a foreign guest means the acquisition of good friends, interesting and profitable connections. Also, such an image signals the arrival of useful information, new ideas and knowledge.

Seeing that communication with a foreigner occurs easily, without a language barrier, predicts the interpreter’s opportunity to take on a new unfamiliar task and bring it to the end, quickly understanding the details.

Beware of rash actions

I dreamed that I had a chance to talk with a stranger without understanding a word, Danilova’s Erotic Dream Book warns about unexpected troubles that will be retribution for frivolous behavior and a careless attitude towards the intimate sphere of one’s own life.

Seeing a foreigner with an earring in his ear in a dream foreshadows the emergence of gossip, which will be served by the dreamer’s unseemly behavior. Try to limit your contacts with strangers in the near future and not to reveal the details of your personal life to the people around you.

A dreaming foreigner, according to the Russian dream book, reminds the sleeping person of an unfulfilled, forgotten promise to someone close to him, which must be fulfilled in order to restore harmonious relationships.

Dream Interpretation Foreigner, why do you dream of seeing a Foreigner in a dream?

Foreigner - If a foreigner in a dream is attractive to you, in the near future circumstances will develop in a very favorable way for you. If you don't like it, expect disappointment. Seeing yourself as a foreigner in a dream means making reliable friends.

Dream Interpretation: seeing a foreigner in a dream - If you see a foreigner in a dream, then in reality this foretells you the successful completion of affairs, the expectation of something joyful. If you want to break some old ties, don't be afraid to do so. In addition, be prepared for the fact that new acquaintances will appear in your life.

According to the dream book, seeing a Foreigner - Seeing a person speaking an unfamiliar language in a dream means unexpected troubles. They will be retribution for the previous careless and frivolous attitude towards the intimate side of life. Seeing yourself in a dream making love with a foreigner means that in the near future your vivid erotic fantasies will come true, as the dream book interprets such a dream.

Dream Book of the Wanderer

Foreigner - Part of the dreamer’s character, conflicting with public opinion, inconvenient for society; social contradictions; uncomfortable, strange situation. For a girl - a kind of dream, a foreign “prince” (interpreted according to the plot). Add. Meanings - a foreigner, as a stranger, unfamiliar, incomprehensible person (it is difficult to communicate with him); and as a wealthy, rich (European), for a girl, perhaps a future groom.

Foreigner - Seeing a foreigner you like in a dream means good health in the future and other favorable circumstances. If you don't like it, expect disappointment. Seeing yourself as a foreigner in a dream means true friends.

Dream Interpretation American - Seeing an American in a dream or talking with an American resident means a good acquaintance with a pleasant person.

American - To see an American or America (America) in a dream means increased prosperity.

American (American) - To dream about how you went to America means a long business trip.

Englishman - Seeing an Englishman in a dream or hearing English speech means a confusing situation.

Why do you dream of a Foreigner - An unexpected thing.

Dream Interpretation German - For those who have developed the stereotype of the Second World War enemy. Intuitively, you know your enemies by sight; at the moment they are preparing a strike.

Seeing big money is good luck, fulfillment of desires. Also, big money in a dream means an increase in the well-being of the whole family in reality - the larger the bills, the better.

Big money, receiving a wad of money as a gift from someone in a dream - you will make a very important purchase.

A wad of money that you count and find that there is a shortage - you will have problems with bills or monthly payments.

Why dream of a wad of money - you will be happy, all your plans will come true.

Paper money - To profit, according to the dream book this is how this dream is deciphered.

Modern dream book

Why do you dream of Copper money - Troubles, silver - futile troubles, paper money - troubles, paying money - good luck in business, receiving - the family will increase

Dream Interpretation Small money - Sadness; silver – profit; paper – news; gold - pleasure, self-love.

Why do you dream about golden money? - To a sinful act.

Seeing gold money in a dream - If you dream that you are holding gold coins in your hands, this means great prospects.

Dream Book of the Wanderer

Why do you dream about gold money - For wealth.

Dream Interpretation Copper money - To tears.

Copper money - You will have to count pennies all your life.

Russian dream book

Why do you dream about copper money? - To poverty.

Dream Interpretation Money (wealth) – “Take at face value” – unreasonable trust; “repay in the same coin” - take revenge. To exchange for a small coin” - to waste your strength on trifles. “to cost a pretty penny” is an expensive undertaking, an acquisition. “raking in money with a shovel” - getting rich quick;

Why do you dream about Reward - Receiving a monetary reward or a certificate in a dream means you will live for a long time without a salary.

Seeing in a dream Why do you dream about gold money - To a sinful act.

Dream Interpretation of Derzhavin

Why do you dream about gold money - If you dream that you are holding gold coins in your hands, this means great prospects.

Jewish dream book

Seeing gold money in a dream means wealth. Silver money - For self-interest. To uncertainty in business. Seeing silver money in a dream means purification.

What does it mean to see Reward in a dream - Receiving a reward for your work means that you will find a job to your liking.

Seeing in a dream Seeing a reward in a dream – Receiving a reward in a dream means self-interest.

Did you have a dream? Dream Interpretation of someone else's Wedding dreamed of why you dream of someone else's Wedding in a dream

Seeing money in a dream means trouble. If you dreamed that you found money, expect pleasant changes in your life. Finally, you will be able to get rid of minor problems and experience the delights of a prosperous life. If in a dream you give money; expect failures in real life. So it’s better, even in a dream, to keep the money with you.

Why do you dream about money? A dream in which you receive money (especially gold) promises you a comfortable existence. If you lose money in a dream, be prepared for delays in business and family squabbles. The meaning of this dream is like a reflection of real life

Why do you dream about money? A dream in which you count money and suddenly discover a shortage foreshadows unplanned large expenses. If in a dream you had to save money, you will be rich and happy.

Why do you dream about money - Try to control your behavior even in a dream and not give in to the temptation to steal money, otherwise you will be drawn into some kind of adventure, which you will very much regret later.

Why do you dream about money - If you dreamed that you were carefully examining banknotes or coins, try to make every effort to improve or at least maintain your financial situation. After all, it will depend entirely on you.

Why do you dream about money? A dream in which you borrowed a large sum of money means that for those around you you are a rich person, but many classify you as a miser. Seeing a wad of currency in a dream is a sign that you are living beyond your means; if in a dream someone claims this money, you are planning losses in business due to loved ones.

See in a dream

Seeing small change in a dream means unexpected financial expenses, pennies mean tears, copper money means deception and empty troubles, gold money means profit, silver money means a quarrel. If in a dream you hear the clinking of coins, then an unprofitable deal may await you; if you see their shine, it means an impending deception. A paper ruble seen in a dream is a harbinger of good news or profit, a metal one - unrequited love.

Taking money in a dream means trouble, giving it away means expenses, carrying it in your pocket means changes in life, exchanging large amounts means a decrease in income, counting means trouble, picking up money means great luck. Seeing foreign money (currency) in a dream means that wealth and success await you in reality; counterfeit money is a harbinger of deception or forgery.

Why do you dream about Money - Annoyance, tears; receive, take - you won’t get them, troubles, misfortunes; give - expenses; distribute - profit; count - you will be rich, profit, a child will be born // need, give; pay - to success in business; lose - beware of losses, tears; find – profit; promise someone - you will spend a lot;

hide - be careful not to steal; glass - they will steal; fake - disease; gold - fame, wealth, profit, love, prosperity, important matters // grief; silver - pleasure from change or the road, profit, joy // cry, quarrel, futile troubles; copper - good luck in love // ​​grief, tears, troubles, sadness, illness, misfortune, troubles; paper - joy // quarrel, deception, news.

Money Money – Financial condition. As a rule, in a dream it is the same as in life: a small thing is a small thing, but big money is good; it's also your ambition.

Why do you dream about Money? – In a dream, counting means significant profit; just seeing money is a sign of annoyance; small silver money means troublesome affairs; gold money signifies success in an enterprise; copper money portends sadness and embarrassment; receiving money from someone signifies troubles and labors;

finding money portends wealth in the future; and losing money is a sign of grief and tears. Seeing trees green or in color foreshadows oblivion of past sorrows, joy and unexpected pleasure; trees fallen, burning or broken by lightning mean boredom, grief, sadness and despair; trees without color signify troubles with business;

dry ones portend an unexpected loss of something and a misused power of attorney; trees in full bloom mean great joy and prosperity; trees covered with fruits mean wealth; cutting down a tree is a sign of a severe illness or important loss; climbing a tall tree means power and honor, also good news;

Money - Oddly enough, it has long been believed that seeing money coins in a dream portends tears. This applies not only to copper or silver coins, but also to placer gold. Paper money has the opposite meaning. To dream that every hour a large banknote disappears from your wallet before your eyes - you do not want to spend money because you think that you are being offered a deliberately losing business, which will not only not bring you profit, but will also take away your last;

a person will appear in your circle whom you consider richer and capable of striking a blow to your financial affairs; to failure of the contract, which will bring you large material costs. To see a wad of money that is given to a dog to sniff, but it cannot find the owner of the money - the dream means hidden hopes that the illegal activity will not be discovered and will not harm your business;

Did you have a dream? Why dream of losing a child Dream Interpretation

you are faced with a choice between money and a quiet life. Seeing a relative in a dream who does not want to return your money means that a warm meeting awaits you ahead of you with a person whom you have not met for a long time; a distant relative you don’t know will come. Borrowing money - this dream speaks of excessive anxiety, worry about something that actually does not exist, and an inadequate assessment of current events.

To see people around you, each of whom demands money from you and declares that you have long promised to repay the debt - beware of “easy” money and “profitable” projects, you may be let down by those whom you completely trust. To dream of a very good friend who came to ask for a large sum of money - beware of a quarrel with someone you value and are afraid of losing, with whom you were too frank.

Losing all your money in gambling means beware of careless people and casual acquaintances. Seeing yourself repaying your debt means you will experience a stormy adventure that will bring a lot of experiences, but will end happily if you act carefully. To dream that you are risking your life because they promised a reward for it - you will be deceived, beware of disappointment, avoid personal details in conversations with those who are little known to you.

Seeing in a dream a treasure trove in which the coins are so fragile that they crumble before your eyes with just one touch is a sign of empty promises, wasted effort, vain hopes. Seeing yourself in an empty house that belongs to a person who owes you a large sum of money is a sign of an unexpected turn in affairs that were going smoothly and without problems. Counting the money your friend has earned means facing a cash shortage that will put you in a very difficult position.

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